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Craft patterns wanted

Hello from Kingscreek Center.

It seems like forever since I’ve written, but we missed a lot of time at the center, what with holidays and bad weather.

We want to wish some of our seniors a happy birthday, Colleen Cornett on Jan. 4 and George Roark also on Jan. 4, Eulah Miller on Jan. 9, Jona Fields on Jan. 11, and Erva D. Hart on Jan. 16. Happy birthday from all of us.

I would like to issue an invitation to anyone 60 or older to join our center. We do more than quilting and eating. If you want a place to enjoy good company, good food and lots of fun, come visit us. We want to keep our centers open and the more people who come the better it is.

Sure hope everyone is staying warm this winter. Fuel prices are so high it’s hard to pay the bills sometime. I am waiting for my electric bill. You will probably hear me crying all over the county. Oh well, it has to be paid.

Does anyone have any easy craft patterns they would like to share with me? I am looking for an apple that is stuffed and can be used as a pin cushion if you want, also strawberries or just any fruit or vegetable. Call me at 633-1586 and we will talk price or you can send them to me at: Letha Dollarhyde, 6556 Hwy. 931 S, Whitesburg. I will share them with the other ladies.

That’s about all for this week. Check on your neighbors, they may need a kind word this week, and smile, the best is yet to be.

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