Whitesburg KY

Craig Abbinanti wins motorcycle in drawing


My husband, Lee Roy, and I went to the Sapphire Coal Company picnic on Saturday at Isom. They gave away a new Harley motorcycle and Craig Abbinanti, my great-niece Ava Golden’s dad of Carcassonne, won it. I think he was shocked for awhile. He said he just couldn’t believe it. It is a gorgeous bike and I’m very happy for him. The Mountain Eagle took pictures of Craig and Ava on the bike. Ava had a birthday party at her home the next day; she turned five on August 13.

Blackey Day was held that day also. They had a big crowd but it was a little bit too hot to walk for some to stay very long. They need to have it later in the year.

Stella Dixon of Blackey, had to spend a night in the hospital recently. She was having problems with her blood pressure but is doing better now.

Happy birthday to Tyler Rowe of Caudills Branch. He will be 12 on August 17. He is the son of Randall and Rosemary Rowe, and has a younger sister, Morgan.

My son, Justin, and his friends, Elijah Caudill, Justin

in drawing Caudill and Macklyn Blair, went to Louisville on Saturday. They went to a rock concert with different bands at the Waverly Hills Sanitarium. They spent the night and came back on Sunday. Waverly Hills has been on TV and was reported to be the most haunted building in the United States. It was an old hospital for TB patients. They had a good time but said it was too hot.

There was a birthday dinner held at Gordon for Ima Gene Griffie Caudill recently. She turned 80 on August 8, so happy birthday to her.

B.J. Adams, Dusty Blair, Jordan Caudill, Travis Sturgill and a friend, Chris, went to Louisville on Saturday evening and on Sunday they played in a paintball tournament. They came home that night. Happy birthday to Dusty; it was on August 8.

Clyde and Beulah Shepherd of Indianapolis, came in for Blackey Day and spent Saturday night with my dad and mom, Pnut and Jean. Lee Roy and I went around for awhile after it had cooled off some and there was a big crowd.

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