Whitesburg KY

Critters gathering winter food

Looks like fall is here to welcome the frost and snow, which will follow before we realize it is time to hibernate. Don’t we wish?

I daresay many of our people would see some lean times if they had to lay in enough food to last all winter when they won’t even work during the summer to feed themselves. But I guarantee sometimes if someone has a pretty garden, thieves will gather it for them at no charge. Of course they will take whatever they gather. I have seen this happen on numerous occasions.

All the wild critters have been quite busy lately gathering food for winter. The bees have been working feverishly on the last flowers of summer, which are now blooming. They are collecting that last little bit of nectar to make honey to live on this winter.

The squirrels are running to and fro also, gathering nuts for winter food. After they get their larder full, they will bury a lot, which is how a lot of trees get planted because sometimes they die before they can retrieve it and maybe sometimes they simply forget where they buried it. I love to watch the action as they gather their food for use during the winter.

Critters simply put on enough fat to hold them over till spring arrives once again. Since their metabolism slows down during hibernation, it doesn’t take too much to see them through the winter.

Humans can preserve many kinds of food in different ways to tide them over till better times arrive again.

Last Friday, I saw more bees working the last flowers of summer than I had seen all summer. But as soon as the temperature dropped, they seem to have vanished.

At least I can see beechnuts this year and I couldn’t last year, and there are plenty walnuts also .

Well, that’s all from the funny farm till next time.

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