Whitesburg KY

Crowd attended Mt. Heritage parade

Hello everyone. Hope you are all doing well. It’s time to write again. I hope it’s not too boring. If it is, you have my permission to stop reading and throw it out.

Well, our Mountain Heritage is over now. I think it went well. There was sure a great crowd here, especially for the parade. I didn’t see a lot of out-of-towners as usual. I guess the high price of gas kept them away, and some were sick.

I did see Betty Asher of Indiana and her family, and Shirley Wells and her sister Minnie Mayes and her brother Frank Niece of Tennessee, whom she hadn’t seen in 30 years. I didn’t find out where Frank lives. He had lost his wife recently. Whitesburg

They were in also for a family reunion at Carr Creek Lake on Sunday. I was sure glad they came by to visit me. Eat your heart out, Rose Ballard, I know you would have liked to have seen Shirley. You write about her a lot.

Dorothy Miles is out of the hospital and doing much better. She said her husband Glen, daughter Glenda and son Paul David were taking real good care of her. I knew they would as they are a close family.

My son Larry Hatton will be having a birthday Oct. 10, and also Dorthy Tacket had one, I think it was on Sept. 27. I won’t tell her age because it’s the same as mine. We are not over the hill yet.

We still have a lot of sick folks: Shirley Niece and Oneil Maggard. He’s out of the hospital but has a good ways to go. They both need everyone’s prayers. Also, I heard that Patty Majority is not doing well, so remember her.

Sandra and Billy Hatton and I went to Letcher Elementary School for Grandparent’s Day to eat with Ellie Mullins and Gracie Hatton and her dad, Chris Hatton. It was real nice and the dinner was really good, and we all enjoyed it.

Our church, Whitco Pentecostal Faith Church, had a revival Monday, Sept. 26 through the 29th with Bro. David Miller. He’s a great preacher and singer. Kevin Spencer and the Freemans, a well known group, will be at the Faith Community Church in Whitesburg where Bro. Dock Frazier is pastor. I’m looking forward to that. I plan to go.

We were surprised at church last Sunday as Shirley Niece was out of the hospital. I told her we had saved her seat and it was good to see her sitting there.

I got a call from our cousin, Ruby Howard in Ft. Wayne, Ind. She said she was doing okay. The son of our cousin Brenda and Dexter Howard of Garrett, Ind., Allen, had a big wedding, and they said it was beautiful and promised to send me pictures. My sister Joanne Brown and her husband Donald got to be there. They live in Indianapolis, Ind.

I think some of them are going to try to be at our reunion Oct. 22. Ruby and Dexter and Brenda came last year, and we hope they make it this year.

I talked to my son Rob in Owensboro, and also to my son Astor ‘Red’. They are all doing okay. Astor and his wife Rosemary will be moving to Georgetown soon. Their jobs moved there and they had to follow. I’m sure they will be happy. It sounded like a good move.

They really like where they are living now. They are not selling their home as they will move back when they retire. We have more family living in Lexington so they can visit each other.

I’m enjoying this cool weather now, but I hope fall isn’t here yet because winter comes next. I really like all the seasons.

Dorthy Tacket called to tell me her nephew, Ronnie Dale Pennington of Tiffin, Oh., had two stents put in. That made four, and I hope he does well. He was one of our Marlowe boys.

I’m sure you are tired of reading (if you still are). May God bless you and all of yours. Try to be in church somewhere this week.

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