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Crowd attends Caudill reunion

Here is a little stuff I should have written last week but didn’t get it done.

Dorse and Gwen Fields recently had Gwen’s sister and brother-in-law, Jackie and Frank, visiting with them. Also, Dorse and Gwen’s daughter, Cheryl, came in for a visit. They were here to attend the Hendricks and Anna Caudill reunion at the Carcassonne Community Center. Gwen, Jackie and Cheryl were hosting the reunion, and Cheryl was in charge of the entertainment. They reported a good crowd and plenty of good food.

Dorse is doing better and is on a break from his chemo for awhile. We see him out working in the yard sometimes.

Cheryl painted a room and worked around the house while she was in.

Dorse and Gwen’s son, Todd, and his wife, Tonya recently killed one of their beef cattle and brought in a lot of meat for them. Gwen said the t-bones were delicious.

On the Fourth of July our family got together at the Sycamore School property for a cookout, and many others in the area also had family cookouts.

Densmore, Sue and Colleen Goodson recently took a vacation at Tybe Island, Ga. They ate at Paula Deen’s restaurant in Savannah.

Stella Elam went on vacation with her daughter, Nancy Walls, and her family. They were going to Florida. I haven’t talked with her since she got back, but I’m sure they enjoyed themselves.

Bob stopped in to visit with Sterlin and Mertie Caudill Sunday evening. They have both been under the weather with a respiratory infection, and their daughter, Lisa has been helping out. Their son, Lynn was coming in this week.

Roy and Barbara Culp recently had a visit from Barb’s sister, Kitty, and her husband of Ohio. I think it was the memorial at their family cemetery at Johnson Fork.

Bob Adams of Blair Branch recently had surgery and stayed in the hospital a few days. Mitchell Dale Caudill also spent a few days in the hospital. Hopefully both are feeling better.

Russell and Connie Blair recently had their grandson, Austin of Nevada, visiting for awhile. I believe they enjoyed the visit.

Ila and Marty Smith had family from Indiana visiting recently. They got a lot of work done around the house while they were in.

Ellis and Ila Adams, Jerry and Bonita Adams, along with Liberty and Noah Campbell attended the Bee and Mattie Whitaker family reunion at Harrodsburg.

That’s it for now. Have a good week.

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