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Crowd attends Union meeting

Sorry I haven’t written in awhile and some of this isn’t too recent.

I hope all had a good Mother’s Day this past Sunday. It’s a time to honor those mothers still with us, and to remember mothers who have passed away, which we should do every day, not just once a year.

We attended the Mt. Olivet Church at Blackey, and a large crowd came out for their Union meeting. It was a good service and nice to see everyone. Afterwards they had a delicious dinner for everyone.

We were all sad to learn that Susie Adams Raglin recently died. Susie and her family moved from Carbon Glow to Michigan many years ago, but later in life her son Don ‘Roger’ came back to Kentucky, and Susie and her husband Claude came back to the mountains in the 1970’s.

After her husband’s death, Susie was very involved in the Letcher Area Homemakers, the Senior Citizens Center and Little Ruby Church. She was an avid quilter and enjoyed pretty flowers and her little home on Burton Hill. Her family, friends and neighbors played a large role in her life.

Our hearts go out to her sons Doug and Don and their children, her brothers Bill and Luther Adams, her sisters Danola Bell and Hazel Adams, and the many nephews and nieces also.

Funeral services were held at Blair Branch Church for John E. Banks of Alabama. He was a son of the late Paul Banks and Ollie Stamper Banks, and he was laid to rest in the Isom Cemetery. Our sympathies to his family.

A benefit to raise money for Dwight Frazier’s chemo treatments was recently held at the old Campbell’s Branch School building. There was a soup bean dinner, auction and bluegrass music, and a lot of neighbors and family attended to make it a success. We hope he is feeling a little better this week, and send him our love and prayers. Richard and Libby Smith are taking him to Pikeville for his treatments.

Some of the folks we have been thinking of and praying for are Dorse Fields, Travis Morton and Bill Caudill. Bill is recovering from a recent ATV accident.

Funeral services were also held for Lois Roark Hill, who was a sister of the late Geneva Francis of Blackey. She was Ernestine Kincer’s mother. Jeremiah

Claude Caudill of Ohio died last week. He was a son of the late Buddie and Margaret Caudill. He was brought back to Pulaski County to be buried next to his dad and stepmom Jewell.

Bob, Don and Coreen Pridemore and I all drove down to the cemetery and Richard Smith was also there. Bob and Richard met a few of their cousins who were there for Claude’s burial, Dodd, David, Ruth and Gay Nell.

Stella Elam wanted to attend but had a graduation service in Williamsburg and couldn’t make it to the cemetery.

We also talked with Faye Bradshaw, whose great-grandparents were Davis and Nancy Fields, which makes her a distant cousin of Mom and me. She is also a cousin to Doreen Calhoun, Dorse Fields, Iantha Adams and Irene Jent.

We enjoyed meeting those there for Claude’s burial and will miss seeing him and his daughter Diana who came to Doty Creek for church memorials, and family and the old Doty School reunion.

Aaron Whitaker Jr. was the preacher at the cemetery. He is formerly of Perkins Branch.

Bob, Don and Coreen and I spent Saturday before last taking a four-wheeler ride through Carbon Glow to Montgomery Creek to check on the graveyard where Bob’s great-grandparents are buried. Richard and Libby Smith had been over there and there was some concern about the strip mining going on above the old cemetery.

After leaving the graveyard, I, Mom, Dad and Bob took our picnic lunch and ate under the shed at the Melton Cemetery on top of Carbon Glow. It was a good day.

On another outing we stopped and talked with Terry Adams, his wife, and their little boy Watson, who was at the top of the hill where Garner Mountain and Adams Branch meet up. Watson is named after his great-grandfather Watson Adams and is a cute little fellow. He loved looking at and petting on our three dogs we take with us on mountain rides.

We went to the old Breeding Cemetery on top of the hill to see who was resting there, and were happy to see pink Ladies’ Slipper wildflowers blooming near the graves.

This Sunday will be services at the Little Ruby Church at Letcher, beginning at 2:30 p.m. It will be held by the Blair Branch Church members and all are welcome to come support the Little Ruby Church.

I enjoyed seeing Illie Adams of Blair Branch and her daughters, who were looking at Mother’s Day flowers at Food City. Illie said that she has finished up her treatments, and they left with a nice hanging basket.

Homer Smith would like to let everyone know that Earl Combs will be taking care of the upkeep of the two cemeteries above the Dixon Memorial Church again this year. Donations can be sent to: Homer Smith, 218 Sycamore Loop, Jeremiah, KY 41826, or to Earl Combs, 1365 Carcassonne Rd., Blackey, KY 41804.

That’s it for now. Have a good week.

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