Whitesburg KY

Crowd gathers to view Vietnam Memorial


Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well and enjoying life.

I enjoyed a trip to Hazard on Friday with my good friend Shirley Breeding. The workers at the Veterans Center were glad to see her. They always ask about her.

There was a great big crowd there to see the Vietnam Traveling Wall. It was very nice. There were schoolchildren there from lots of counties. I never saw any school buses from Letcher County. I hope our county was represented. Our County Judge Jim Ward, Letcher County Court Clerk Winston Meade and Jimmy Bates were there and I don’t know who else.

I was so pleased last week to see Arnold Ray Conn at our church. I told him he hadn’t been letting me know what he’s been doing. He had lost a lot of weight, but his smile was big as ever. Those three Conn brothers, John, Billy and Arnold Ray, are always smiling. They are good friends of ours.

I was glad to see Jerry “Fuzz” Dixon at Irene Ison’s funeral. I love see our old Marlowe friends. They are all special to me. They feel like kinfolk.

Clyde is still a very sick man and needs everyone’s prayers. Prayers are also needed for Sonia Fields, who is having surgery today (Wednesday), and Tammy Adams, who is still having lots of pain from her broken leg and still can’t stand on it. We sure miss her at church.

Sandra Cook wanted me to tell everyone she will have a Longaberger bus trip to Ohio on Sept. 19. It will be on Tootie Seals’s tour bus. She still has some empty seats and the cost is $60. They will leave from the Red Roof Bingo place. It’s a real fun trip. I’ve been on some of them and really enjoyed it. Call Sandra for more information, (606) 633-4969.

I was glad to get the picture of SSgt. John Randell Ison. His grandmother, the late Oma (Back) Hamilton, is a relative of ours. I knew her children. Bobby, Billy, Betty, Bessie and Bonnie are the names I remember. There may be more.

I enjoyed a trip to Hazard with Louise Shepherd and Carol Day and lunch at Ponderosa. I’ve enjoyed Joyce Howard going with me.

I sure appreciate all the people at the Veterans Center for being so good to Clyde and for being so nice and friendly to me. I have made some good friends there.

Geneva Adams has been having some health problems. I hope she is doing better. She’s a great person.

Christine Fields, thank you for all the nice things you said about the Howard family. You mentioned my dad, Bill Howard, preaching and teaching Sunday School on Cowan. You must remember me too. I was always with him. I’m still trying to figure out if I know you. One of the workers at the V.A. Center said you were Irene Fields’s sister’s daughter. I do enjoy your news.

It’s just two weeks till our Howard reunion Sept. 26. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone.

My sister Joann Brown called. It was good talking to her. May God bless all of you and may the sick all get better.

Try to be in church somewhere this week.

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