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Crowd shows Tommie Baker was well loved


MOTHER AND SON — Pictured are Robert Brown's oldest daughter Heather and her son Chancelor.

MOTHER AND SON — Pictured are Robert Brown’s oldest daughter Heather and her son Chancelor.

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well.

How about this weather change? It has sure gotten cold and according to the forecast, we may have seen snow flurries this weekend and 30-degree temperatures in the next few days. So you had better be rounding up your long handles and coats.

I have some flowers (touch me nots) getting their second bloom. They are so pretty I hate to see them get frozen out. Oh well.

Connie Amburgey of Wellington, I’m glad you still remember I was Oma Howard. You sent my card that way, but it found me. It was good hearing from you. I hope you and Homer are doing well. I’d love to see you.

I was so sorry my good friend Tommie Baker died. We walked together for years and never ran out of something to say. She had been real sick for a long time. She was well loved, you could tell by the large crowd and all the pretty flowers. I sat with Shirley Breeding and Linda (Pennington) Hall. It was good seeing them.

ROBERT BROWN is the son of the late Martha and Dewey Brown.

ROBERT BROWN is the son of the late Martha and Dewey Brown.

I enjoyed dinner at Pine Mountain Grill last week with Margaret Enfusse and Ruth (Dollarhide) Mullins. We had such a good time we plan on trying to do it as often as we can. We hadn’t been together except in church in a long time.

I felt like cooking the other day and invited Hubert and Joyce Howard. I had asked my brother Hillard Howard and Brenda and Charles. They couldn’t make it on account of a little thing like jobs. Maybe next time.

I finally got around to visiting Sara and Clarence Ison. I had been worried about him after he got bitten by a copperhead snake. I asked him did he kill it for biting him. He stepped on it but it got away. I hope it’s not still hanging around there.

I sure enjoyed visiting them. We talked about old times. I hadn’t seem them in a while. They said my brother Bobby Ray Howard had also visited them. They sure love Bobby Ray. I told them I did too.

I enjoyed a big birthday party for my little greatgranddaughter Anna, daughter of Julie and Jamie Hatton, last week. It was nice meeting the other great-grandparents, Hargis Ison and wife Jackie and Bill and Joyce Adams. Turned out I knew Joyce many years ago when I lived at Letcher when I was a little girl. She lives there now. We remembered all the old folks who had lived there then.

COAL CAMP — This is an air view of the Marlowe Coal Camp.

COAL CAMP — This is an air view of the Marlowe Coal Camp.

I’m anxious to get to start going back to the Ermine Center. I’ve missed the people there. Lizzie Mae Wright keeps us up on the news about them and she calls me and tells me what’s going on.

We have been having some real good meetings at our church Pentecostal Faith Tabernacle at Whitco. We had pastor appreciation for our pastor, Bro. John Conn. We had a good turnout for it and some really good food.

Our church had one of the biggest showers I ever see at Sandlick Fire Department. It was a housewarming shower for Marie Anna Pendleton from Cowan. She is getting a new home. She got everything, microwave, vacuum cleaner, and furniture, and about everything you could think of. She was so happy she cried and said, “I don’t know what to say.” We were all happy for her.

GRADE SCHOOL — The Marlowe Grade School was built in 1928. The building burned in 1963 or 1964.

GRADE SCHOOL — The Marlowe Grade School was built in 1928. The building burned in 1963 or 1964.

It was good hearing from Joella (Taylor) Sturgill. She never forgets her Marlowe friends and we don’t forget her.

I talked with Ruby Howard in Fort Wayne, Ind. I wish she hadn’t moved so far away. She said she never hears from our cousin Ken Howard. He’s the oldest one of the Howards left. He’s two days older than me. He lives in Fort Wayne also.

My brother Hubert Howard had a birthday Oct. 16. He went to Hazard. His friend Elmer Hammond was having surgery. I hope everything went well.

I guess Hillard had a cold game for his ball game Friday night. The weather sure hasn’t been cooperating with him. The rain was pouring for the game two weeks ago.

I went back to the Veterans Center the other day. Georgia Miller called me and told me our friend Beulah Asher’s husband Emmons was very sick. I hope he’s doing better. It was good seeing all the workers and everyone. I saw the hospice nurse. She was so good to Clyde. So were all the workers there. I really appreciate all of them.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week.

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