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Mostly sunny

Crowd turns out for Blackey Day

I went to Blackey Day Saturday and there was a huge crowd. I really enjoyed talking to family and friends I hadn’t seen in awhile. It was a nice day. I have to have a blooming onion, nothing like them. Prayers out to a couple people who are in the hospital

and not doing well.


Wesley Dixon of Carcassonne is in the Whitesburg Appalachian Regional Hospital and is having a hard time right now. He is the son of John and Jenny Dixon. Rhonda Hatton Hudson is in a hospital in Lexington

and is not doing well. She has some good days and some bad. I talked to her sister Donna at Blackey. It was nice to see her. She lives in New Hope, Ala. Jina Back of Woodrock had gallbladder and hernia surgery last Wednesday. She is doing some better but is having a lot of pain. I hope she feels better soon. Autumn Johnson of Whitesburg was born with a heart problem and had to have surgery in Lexington last Wednesday. She did great, thankfully, and got to come home on Saturday. She is the baby of James and Stephine Johnson. Michele Caudill and her son Gabe of Carcassonne were involved in a car accident last week on Elk Creek. Thankfully, neither was hurt too badly. My sympathy to the family of Elizabeth Whitaker Parker of North Carolina, formerly of Blackey. She died on Oct. 13. She was 86. Happy birthday to Michelle Wilder of Blackey, it was on the 16th, and Autumn Campbell of Jeremiah had one on the 17th and James Smith of Carcassonne on the 18th. Shiloh Morton, also of Carcassonne, has one on the 20th, Christie Smith of Elk Creek on the 22nd, and Cathy Williams Back on the 25th. Brenda Cupps Roysdon of Jeremiah was baptized on Sunday, Oct. 16, at the Blair Branch Church. We are happy for her.

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