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Although healthy snacking is an essential part of your diabetes management, giving in to cravings can easily get out of control…Remember that cravings are temptations, not commands. But if food cravings take charge, here are some tips to help you fight back.

Plan for Snacking.
Carefully planning out and following your daily meals and snacks is not only a good way to control your blood glucose but can also help you avoid giving into your cravings.

Know Your Triggers.
They can be emotional and environmental. Stress, loneliness and boredom spark eating. Go for a walk. Call a friend. Or write a letter instead of reaching for that cookie.

Keep Eating Special.
Make eating a separate activity. Don’t combine snacking and dining with other activities, like reading or watching TV.

Drink Beverages.
Experts agree: drinking water — lots of it — is the best way to curb cravings. It tells your body “I’m full.” And, it’s good for you!

Eat Enough.
Eat three balanced meals a day, with regular, healthy snacks in between.

Be Prepared.
Planning ahead helps you make wise food choices and stay in control.

Get Busy.
Exercise takes your mind off food and can even suppress cravings.

Add Bulk To Snacks.
Adding dietary fiber takes up room, make you feel full and improves colorectal health.

Make It Hotter.
Spicy foods can satisfy taste buds faster so you’re likely to eat less.

Wait It Out.
Cravings are temporary. They build slowly, peak in intensity and fade quickly. Hold off for 10-20 minutes and cravings are like to fade.

Remember, if you have questions or concerns about diabetes, talk to us at Parkway Pharmacy. As a center of diabetes care, we offer the most comprehensive line of products and information available to help you better manage and “live well” with diabetes.

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