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Daffodils are starting to pop up

Hello everyone!

Grab your favorite beverage and let’s sit a spell and gab for a while. I hope everyone got a little something for Valentine’s Day.

Once again it brought back memories of early years of our marriage. There were times we didn’t have money for extravagances but somehow I got something, though it might be just a bar of candy or a trinket. There were many years of pretty heart-shaped boxes of candy. I would keep the boxes until they would get squished then tear the lid off and keep the lid.

Now all I have is the memories. I try to keep the good and shut out the bad ones.

The old cliché of sticks and stones may break my bone, words will never hurt me, are so untrue. Words are the most powerful form of anything, they will last a lifetime. A bruise from an actual hit will disappear, but the hurt from verbal abuse is forever embedded in your brain and on your heart.

Tuesday night, someone must have hit a pole as I woke with no electricity and of course no flashlight by my bed. I used my little flip cell phone to call Duke Energy, and a recording told me that no one had reported any outage, to check my breaker then call back. Now that was a laugh because the breaker box is in the basement.

I used the cell phone with the dim light to walk through to the living room. The security light was out and everything was in total darkness. I managed to find a candle, so if anyone ever finds themselves in this situation a small candle in a large, white bowl will reflect more light.

I called Duke Energy again and the recording said there was an outage and it would be repaired in about two hours, and there were 81 customers affected. Two hours later lights came back on. Of course no electricity means no heat. As I lay snuggled in my bed, I thought of three years ago with no furnace for several months, and all the homeless people who are out in the elements of winter. At least I was dry and warm, though I missed my electric blanket.

Valentine’s Day was a busy day for me and I didn’t get things accomplished that I wanted to do.

I had something to do Wednesday morning, and then Vicki and I went to see a friend in the hospital. After our visit with our friend, when we came out to get in my car, which I had parked in a handicap parking spot. On the left side of me there were three empty handicap spots left.

All I have to say is the driver of the van must have been mentality impaired. The way they parked, it was so close to my driver’s side I had to crawl across the console to get in the driver’s seat. Believe me this wasn’t an easy task even though I am small. You have to know that I keep my seat close to the dashboard of my car.

The person had pulled in an angle and the back of the van was on the line. I really don’t know how they parked without hitting my car. After I got situated under the wheel I panicked as I was afraid to try to back out. There weren’t four inches of clearance.

Vicki Power took the license number into the hospital to have the desk clerk call someone, which was useless as 15 or more minutes passed and no one came outside. I finally summoned the courage and very carefully inched, and I mean inched my car out without touching the other car.

I left a message on the windshield saying in big letters, thank you, please learn to park, happy Valentine’s Day!

To be honest, had I not had plans I would have sat and confronted whoever the imbecile was to do such a stupid thing.

Vicki is a good driver and she couldn’t get across the console. I couldn’t ask a passerby to help me, as again, there was no way to get in my car.

Oh well after the incident we went to Steak & Shake and had a chocolate shake, which I left in the bathroom. So that was my Valentines Day.

Southern Ohio

By the time we reached home it was raining and foggy. I had flowers and a card to deliver to a special friend, But I called her and she got her flowers and card a day late.

Thursday. Vicki and I went on an adventure, so I had to switch my planned schedule.

Growing up in the mountains, during childhood I don’t recall anything about Valentine’s Day except at Mill Branch School we would draw a heart and color it red, if we had crayons, or use someone else’s to color it, and pass the hearts to someone.

What I do remember about February 14 is Mommy trying to get her peas planted in the garden, I think about the same time she would sow a lettuce bed. Mom always used Black Seed Simpson lettuce seed. As far back as I can remember Black Seed Simpson is the only lettuce seed that Mother ever sowed as long as she was able to raise a garden.

Mom and Grandma Hall planted “Hickory Cane” corn, which I believe the name is Hickory King now days. To be honest I thought it was like field corn that is raised here in Ohio, and Indiana.

About 50 years ago when I was a young woman I found out the hard way, there’s a difference as I climbed across a fence to get a few ears of corn to fix for supper. The corn that I picked was field corn and, believe me, it had no taste. Yes my husband Jack made fun of me.

That was the first time he laughed at me, not the last, as years later his brother gave us a large paper bag of peas. Oh how pleased I was, as I thought they were the kind that Mommy broke up like green beans.

I strung and broke up that huge grocery bag of peas when Jack noticed me breaking them up he asked me what I was doing. I replied I was breaking the peas up to cook them. He tried to tell me that wasn’t the way to do it, that I was supposed to shell them. Now I had never seen peas that you shelled, and he had never seen peas you broke up either.

I hope you aren’t drinking because you will get strangled, as when the peas were cooked I had a mess. All you could do is use a fork and try to spear a pea or too. I got teased about that for many years to come.

My daughter Angie Wiederhold is in so much pain with her back I have been going to do her errands for her. When I go shopping it would be cheaper on me if I left my little sidekick Bennie at home as I buy him things with my money.

Friday as I pulled into Western Hills Shopping Center Bennie became so excited, saying, “There it is, there it is, Mamaw, there it is!”

I laughed and asked what are you talking about? There was a Volkswagen beetle car that he calls Herbie the Love Bug with number 53 on the hood. I pulled along side of the car and asked the girl driver if my grandson could look at her car. Thank goodness she said yes.

I longed for a camera and then I remembered I could take pictures on my flip cell phone. I snapped two pictures, one of the car, and one with Bennie and the car together. I am not smart enough to know how to put it on Facebook so I can print it off.

I called my niece Sue Hall and asked if I sent them to her, if she would post them for me, so I could print them. Thank you, Sue, for doing this for me.

Today as I am going to take Angie to the doctor and Bennie will get his pictures.

I have seen the pictures of the flood and destruction in mountains I love so dearly, on the computer. Needless to say this breaks my heart to see the roads destroyed and someone losing their home.

We have been getting extreme amounts of rain, and the Ohio River is getting above flood stage, which means there will be backup of small rivers. As I have written before, I live not far from a river and I get seep water in my basement if the rivers get out of bounds.

I am going to the basement and make sure the sump pump is in place along with the hose that I have to put through a window. Usually this doesn’t happen until April, and here it is February and flooding.

Saturday, we had an inch of snow then it changed to freezing rain. Sunday, it was very nice that you could wear a sweatshirt and be comfortable. This week is supposed to be rainy with somewhat warm temperatures, and then next week another cold spell.

My daffodils are popping up. I wish I could digest peas I would stick a few in the ground along the fenceline.

I haven’t talked to Les or Pat Wagner this week. I hope they are both all right. Maybe we can get together before long, as I miss these two special people, and I miss seeing Tony Hale and Black Water Band at Haddiz Hall, which is located at Hunter’s Pizzeria in Middletown.

Mike and Marcia Caudill, somehow I have three Carcassonne tee shirts in my possession. As I was doing laundry all three of them somehow were in the laundry, so you might say I really do love the Carcassonne Community Center. I think I also have a tee shirt that says Carcassonne on it.

I hope I can make it to the first square dance in March. We will have to wait and see, as March is a busy month for me.

Johnny and Ann’s daughter Sue Wagner is finally on the mend, but Sue will never be well unless she gets a liver transplant. Please keep this family in your prayers.

I’ve been listening to the changes that President Trump is proposing for the low income, food boxes instead of food stamps. Yes, food stamps are sometimes misused, but there are still many people who need them, and he also wants to cut help with heating. I would like to know how he thinks low-income people will survive? As if he cares.

My heart goes out to all the school shootings from Kentucky to Florida and everywhere.

We had several copycat threats in schools not far from where I live. I do believe if the school lets the students stage a walkout that is a huge mistake. Since when do students get to take over our government by staging walkouts?

Well I am very tired and I have a busy day ahead of me. There’s no rest for the wicked, or so it seems.

Thanks for all the compliments. You really make my day to know you enjoy my column. I wonder how long it will be before I quit missing Oma Hatton’s column and Oma too.

To be honest just to be able to do for someone takes my mind off my own problems.

Until next time. Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030

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