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Daffodils seemed to bloom overnight

Southern Ohio

Happy Easter, everyone!

It seems I have fallen asleep since Christmas as it seems such a short span in between then and now! The snow is gone, and crocuses were trying to show their colors even though snow was covering them. All of a sudden daff odils are in full bloom overnight.

Even though I believe this has been one of the most picturesque winters I have seen in years, I am glad to see the green color of the grass, and the song ‘Green Green Grass of Home, comes in mind at the present. Which means my heart and soul are already in the mountains of eastern Kentucky.

My son, Keith Ballard, spent several hours cleaning around the fence line between my property and the Hamilton County Park, which bought the land in back of where we live. This is the first time in several years it has looked that neat. Even though my arm and shoulder have healed, sometimes it doesn’t take very much to get it irritated, especially digging or tugging at things. There are 90 acres of wildfl owers close to my house. You talk about beautiful, especially in the fall.

Keith spent the weekend with a group of guys at a retreat. The weather sure has been very cooperative as it is really nice out with just enough chill in the air to let you know it is early spring!

Vickie Power and I went to the Coon Hunters Club in Hamilton. I was very tired and almost didn’t go, then my feet sometimes take over and the rest of my body has to go too. This time was a very good time for me as I felt so stress free when I left there, and tired but relaxed!

Once again the audience was thrilled to have Marvin Davis play that fiddle with a group. I know I single Marvin out as a musician, anyone that has ever listened to this guy play a musical instrument can say he is a great musician.

Marvin is a great singer and plays many instruments. I think he enjoys the fiddle immensely. From what I understand this small instrument can be a beast to get to sounding just the way you want it to sound. Marvin is a perfectionist. When he walks on stage I know there’s going to be good music.

Elmer Napier and two of his daughters are regulars at Coon Hunters Club. His daughter Becky plays the banjo, Charlotte Napier plays the fiddle. Charlotte has the potential to be a good fiddle player. She is good as a young girl. She is a teenager and it pleases me to see someone this young take interest in bluegrass music. As Vickie and I were leaving Marvin Davis was giving Charlotte a couple of pointers on the fiddle.

A couple of regulars at Coon Hunters, Bob and Shirley Jackson, had to leave early as Bob became ill. Bob plays the banjo and he does clawhammer style, Shirley plays guitar. I really admire these two.

Those of you who have computers, have you checked out ‘From The Hills’? I really enjoy this program. I found it by accident through reading the Lexington Herald.

On March 5, ‘From These Hills’ featured Bobby Osborne as he was teaching a group of students to play. I think this is a wonderful thing to do. I am sure it must be intimating to be taught by someone like Bobby Osborne, Marvin Davis or anyone that has played on stage.

I really want to say a great big thanks to everyone for reading my book, ‘The Beauty of A Rose’ and taking the time to tell me how much you enjoy it. I wish I had the knowledge to know how to get this published without it being self published! I am just a little pea in a pod. I am not a musician so I can’t play an instrument, but I do have the ability to write. I hope I am not tooting my own horn too much.

I jokingly told Willamae Boggs, that I can’t play music, but I can dance and write!

Please keep Aline Robinson’s sister, Mary Jo Halcomb Hogue, who has been diagnosed with breast cancer, in your prayers. Mary Jo Halcomb Hogue is the daughter of Joe and Verna Halcomb. They used use to live in Graveyard Hollow. Their grandparents on the Halcomb side were the late Robert and Thula Halcomb. Their grandparents on Mary Jo’s mother’s side were the late Martha and Kennon Whitaker. Mary Jo and her husband Bill Hogue makes their home in Indian River, Mich.

My family and I know about breast cancer as our mother Ora Hall had this dreadful disease.

It seems the older I get the more my thoughts drift back in time as a child. As I put a pan of ‘store bought biscuits’ in the oven, I could smell and taste something Mommy did for us kids. As Mom pinched the dough for biscuits, she would pinch a small amount of the dough and place on the hot stove cap of her coal and wood burning stove. It had a little scorched smell and taste, and oh it was good to me.

Mom made chocolate gravy, too. I have tried this and cannot make it taste like Mommy’s. I have found recipes, though Mommy didn’t use a recipe for anything, it was a pinch of this, and a dab of that.

My sister-in-law Wanda Hall makes chow-chow relish as close to Mom’s as I ever tasted. My other sisterin law Mattie Hall, made vanilla pudding that resembled Mom’s one time from scratch.

A belated happy birthday to my daughter, Angie Wiederhold, March 23. It doesn’t seem possible that she turned 45 years old as it seems only yesterday when I held her in my arms as an infant. Angie said it was the best birthday she ever had because the Braves were playing on television and she is an avid Braves fan! Her dream is to have my little sidekick, Bennie Wiederhold, grow up to be a left-handed baseball pitcher. Angie is left-handed and I do believe Bennie is prone to be left-handed too, or maybe Angie is encouraging him too much. Yes, I know I sound just like a grandmother.

Vickie Power found a very small Lightning Mc- Queen robe for Bennie. He really loves this Disney’s Pixar Cars character.

My sympathy goes out to the family of Steve Polly. I went to school with his dad, Bobby Ray Polly, at Kingdom Come High School in my freshman year, along with Jewell Carlton, Genita Calihan, Billy Ray Mitchell, Dale Huff , and Ray Lewis, just to name a few.

I was 13 years old the last time I saw any of these except Genita Cornett, and she sure hasn’t changed that much in all the years.

Larry Roark was on something called ‘You Tube’ on the Internet, singing with a group called ‘Boonecreek’ at Beckham Combs. I enjoyed listening to Larry as he is a good singer and guitar player.

There’s a special young woman, Missy Shultz, and her husband Jason Shultz, along with their young son, who now call the mountains of eastern Kentucky home. They live on Hollybush, which is the Premium area, and have lived there for almost a year. Missy has family who live close to her, whom she loves very much. Missy is homesick for her home in Franklin.

Missy is feeling like she doesn’t belong as she is a stranger to the area though her mother is from there. Come on, you young women her age, get to know Missy. She is a very outgoing person who needs friends at this time.

I know there are a lot of people, especially Frick and Frack Ison and Polly Ann Maucher, who are in the heights of glory with the Kentucky Wildcats. Way to go, Wildcats.

Willamae Boggs was watching the game when I called her. Carl, don’t let her get too excited! Willamae and Carl are feeling a little better since spring has arrived.

My brother, Richie Hall, is doing some better with his vision, and has planted lettuce and onions.

Bruce Jones, honey, you’d better watch that pea patch, as Richie will be on the lookout for those peas!

Jessie Frazier has lettuce and onions up, and I wonder if he would be willing to send a care package through the mail. Elaine Adams sent me some pappaws one time.

Gwen Huff Farmer is trying to get out in her garden to get some plants out. I knew you couldn’t keep Gwen down.

I bet Shirley Wells and her grandson, Tyler, will be heading for a fishing hole someplace before long.

Well, folks, I am running on overtime and I have some things that have to be taken care of, so until next time!

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