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Daffodils surviving frost, freezing nights

Hello Everyone!

It is almost spring, so the calendar says. We are still having a little winter as we have rain and snow and sunshine in one day.

The daffodils are still saying “look at me”, as they are surviving the frost and freezing nights. My poppies are still as green and so pretty, and my lilacs seem not to be affected.

As usual I am ready to welcome spring, although as I have previously written, this winter hasn’t been as bad as previous winters, still it seems like it has been a long winter. February is the shortest month; it sure seemed long to me. I am just thankful that God has let me be on this earth, as two years ago I didn’t think I would make it as I was very sick.

Thursday, my daughter Angie Wiederhold had surgery at Christ Hospital. Angie had to be at the hospital at 1:15 a.m.; her surgery was scheduled for 2:15 p.m. There was a weather advisory in local areas. Thank God our area was alright, however other places were hit so hard with freezing rain, and wrecks were everywhere. It made hospital employees late, even doctors, along with patients. Angie finally had her surgery at 4 p.m. Angie is allergic to pain medications, so she had a reaction. We didn’t leave the hospital until 8 p.m. It was almost 9 p.m. before I got her home.

The nurse tried to convince the surgeon to keep Angie overnight since she was still sleeping from the anesthetic. The doctor explained to me that she would be better to come home as the hospital is filled with flu patients.

Angie is still in pain. I hope as the surgery heals she gets some relief as she still has a bulging disc, which they wouldn’t do anything about it as they were more concerned with getting these two off her nerve. If you ask me, it is another surgery and more money.

Thursday night, I spent the night with Angie and my little sidekick Bennie as I was afraid to leave them alone. Thanks to my friend Vicki Power for picking Bennie up after he got out of school. We thought it was only for a couple of hours which turned into about five.

Southern Ohio

I bet Vicki was worn out, although I know Bennie enjoyed it, and let’s say even though I wasn’t with Bennie, my wallet became a little lighter as Vicki took him shopping for some craft items. Bennie found an Etch A Sketch that he wanted. Vicki let him call me and of course I said yes. When my kids were little they loved these and wore out several over the years. Actually I enjoy buying things that will help Bennie to stimulate his concentration, yet keep him still for a little while.

Johnny and Ann Calihan’s daughter Sue Wagner is back at her home in South Carolina. Sue will have to come back here at the last of the month to see her doctors for more tests. Tom and Sue’s daughter Ashley is doing well so far with the twins. She is high risk and has to go to the doctor every two weeks. You talk about spoiled little girls, just wait until they arrive.

I have been so wrapped up with Angie I haven’t called Pat Wagner so I hope she and Les are alright. Time sure slips away when you are busy.

Once again I am thankful I am able to help anyway I can, whether it is going to a hospital or a nursing home as I have been on the other side of both. I still have to carry a little green bag in my car as once in a while I need it as my stomach acts up.

As if I don’t have enough to keep me busy, I accidentally broke the control knob off my dryer. Since a couple of months ago the door handle broke, I have been using a butter knife to open it, plus the dryer is about 12 years old. I decided to get a new set of appliances as my washer has been acting up for the past two years, and I had just kept using it. I finally decided to do appliance shopping, which almost turned into a battle. I found what I wanted and the pushy salesperson was in my face, asking me why did I want a washer with an agitator? I almost told her it was none of her blasted business!

I held my mouth shut and simply said I liked it, then she went into more sales pitch, that an agitator would tear the clothes. Now this was a young woman that probably didn’t know A from B about washing clothes, so I smiled as sweet as I could and told her I had been washing clothes for over 57 years, and had never torn clothes. Before that my mother had used a washer with an agitator when I was a child. There was more stupid pushing and I walked out without buying the washer I wanted.

I went across the street to Best Buy, and got a very nice salesman. I was too upset to decide, so Saturday I went back to Best Buy and bought a set. I also did some comparison shopping, so I got a set of Whirlpool (thanks to Frieda Johnson for recommending) and I got the set a lot cheaper by comparing prices They will be delivered Wednesday. I really wanted a Maytag as that is all I have ever owned, except one time I did have a Frigidaire. I’ve heard they are both no good any more. I probably could get more time out of my washer as it is still working but making a noise. I decided I am worth a new set and the money was made available so why not get what I need?

Between Angie’s surgery and problems with the appliances, I vetoed the idea of heading for mountains for a fun weekend. Saturday with Angie feeling a little better, I have to admit I was tempted to head eastern Kentucky way, the weather was beautiful here locally. I know it can get tricky in the mountains, while I was talking to Marcia Caudill my heart starting leading my brain, and my feet wanted to just start driving. While I was driving one direction, my eyes kept looking back through the rearview mirror. I knew in my heart I wasn’t really able to drive that far and come back, as I did last year at this time. Don’t ever tell a hillbilly what to do, or in my case what not to do.

There was a good turnout for the first square dance at Carcassonne Community Center. Someone shared a post on Facebook. It showed Marcia Caudill really cutting a rug, as they used to say back in the day. Mike and Marcia are really good dancers. Of course my heart and soul longed to be there.

There were several young children learning to square dance. As I watched the video my heart swelled with feelings as the caller and the seasoned square dancers may not realize the impressions they are making on these children! Dancing has been so much a part of my life from a child about the age of three years old. I can remember Grandma Rosa Hall playing her old banjo and me trying to dance, then as I got older my memory of Mom dancing to the radio while cleaning the house. To this day I can see Mom’s little feet and the steps she would do as she listened to “Doing My Time” by Jimmie Skinner.

Music and memories that were instilled in me have helped me to cope with heartaches and disappointments down through the years. Now I realize it did the same for Mom. I have been able to hold back the flow of tears, put a smile on my face and hit the floor to dance a fast hoedown and forget what is bothering me.

As I listened to the video, with Sunrise Ridge playing, I wanted to get up and dance in my living room. Any other time I would have done just that.

Marcia’s homemade spaghetti sauce was a big hit with everyone. I could almost taste Marcia’s homemade spaghetti sauce, even though I wouldn’t have been able to eat it.

To add insult to injury, Friday night Sunrise Ridge was at Campbell’s Branch Community Center. It’s a good thing I love my daughter and grandson or I would have been in the mountains I call home.

Sunday was Old Time Fiddlers; we had very good music. For those of you who live in this area and read my column, stop by sometime for a couple hours of relaxation. We meet the second Sunday of each month at VFW 7570, 9160 Lawrenceburg Road Harrison, Ohio 45030. It is all acoustic as Old Time Fiddlers doesn’t have electric instruments. You will find a mix of music not just fiddles, as some have asked me. Stop to listen or come to play, either way you will find a few hours of good food and companionship.

Until next time. Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030 email: Bluegrassmama4@aol.com

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