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Mostly clear

Dalton Jones is now at Fort Hood in Texas

Hello everyone! Hope all had a good week. Finally saw a few snow flurries but not enough to amount to anything.

Hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving. Guess I will have dinner at my house with my husband and me, Mike and Melinda, Eddie, Kathy and Thomas Wolfe, my brother Archie and maybe his wife Margaret and anyone else that wants to come. We should have plenty of food, covered dish optional. Come and have dinner with us.

Dalton Jones, son of Emily and Paul Jones of Greensburg, Ind., and grandson of Agnes and Bill Maggard of Columbus, Ind., and Jenny and Arlene Jones from Greensburg, Ind., was graduated from basic training and is now stationed at Fort Hood in Texas. Some of the family members attended his graduation. Grandma Agnes fell and sprained her ankle and was unable to go. We all appreciate all he is doing for our country. I know Emily and Paul were glad to have both their boys home together again. Dalton has an older brother, Daniel Jones.

Sue Banks from Little Cowan called and said she wanted to thank Irene and Eugene Day for the beautiful butternut squash that they brought to Glen and her. They enjoyed it! Sue is having problems with her arthritis and needs our prayers.

We had butternut squash the other night and it was really good. I also like acorn squash.

When we were kids, we never had turkey or ham for Thanksgiving and we didn’t fix anything special. I guess because our mothers cooked a big dinner every day so it was like any other meal. Never had pumpkin pies or any kind of homemade pie.

When we moved to Indiana, then Thanksgiving became a tradition every year with turkey, dressing and all the works and it became a really special time for me being with family and now missing those that have gone on before. I am thankful for all the family the Lord blessed me with and all the friends that I have known over the years and the friends I have now. May God bless each and every one of you. Big Cowan

I couldn’t have asked for better parents, brother and sister, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews and anyone else that I have met. I have a great husband, two wonderful sons and three beautiful granddaughters, brothersin law, sisters-in-law and daughter-in-law and special friends. Thankful that I am alive!

Well, this old gal had a pretty good 60th birthday with lots of happy birthday wishes. My husband and son Mike took me out for dinner. Kinda depressed about getting old, but it will grow on me.

Keep everyone in your prayers this week and be thankful with a thankful heart for everyone has something to be thankful for.

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