Whitesburg KY

Dancing in the rain at Blackey Days

Southern Ohio

Hello again!

I really hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful fall foliage as God is once more showing He is still in control of our universe.

Blackey Days is now a memory. Yes I decided to make the trip.

Thursday morning, I took my car for an oil change. I always have everything checked before I head out on one of my adventures. I had to have a serpentine belt replaced as it had several cracks in it. My son Keith Ballard could have replaced it for about $20, and I had a bulb out in the taillights, but it would mean I couldn’t have left until Friday so I called Keith and asked should I go ahead and have everything replaced as I wanted to get on the road.

I left at 2 p.m. and pulled into Whitesburg Motel at 6 p.m. I stopped one time at the Natural Bridge exit for a brief time.

I completely forgot that Sunrise Ridge was playing at Appalshop.

I called Ricky Caudill and got to take a ride on a fourwheeler on his mountain just in time to see the last of a beautiful sunset. A few had gathered on the mountain as there was a wiener roast going on. I didn’t stay very long as I was tired.

On the way off the mountain Ricky took me on a short ride, oh how I wish it had been daylight. I missed my chance to fulfill one of my bucket list tasks as I could have gone skinny dipping in a pond since it was dark. I decided it might be a little chilly, but it’s a good thing it wasn’t a hot muggy summer night.

Friday was a rainy day. I was sort of lazy and stayed in the motel to rest while I was waiting for my niece Sue to stop by.

There was music at Blackey Days Friday night so I ventured down there to listen. I actually attempted to dance, but it was not possible with my gym shoes on. I had a great partner as Ricky Caudill is a very good dancer.

Saturday was a damp, dreary day, which didn’t seem to dampen anyone’s spirit, though maybe not as large a crowd in attendance as previous years. For once in my life I have met someone who loves and enjoys music as much as I do. I really had a great time as we ended the evening actually dancing in the rain.

Oh for those of you who are curious, if we decide to run away I will let you know. Just kidding as it seems a lot are wondering who I am and what’s going on.

I met so many wonderful people. There was a lady, Ellen Smith, from Naples, Fla., who knew my grandmother Betty Barton from Woodrock, and then Mom moved across from Nathan and Lois Baker. Joan Walters, I hope I got the name right.

Martha Taylor and another Martha, Colletta Banks and her husband and so help me he was so sweet and told me how much he looked forward to reading my column. For the life of me his name has slipped from my nimble brain. I really apologize.

Dean and Nina Cornett, it was a pleasure meeting you two. As you know I have been in awe of you two for several years.

Sharon Dunn Judson, it was very nice meeting you. Somehow I let the day go by and I didn’t get to meet your little short brother Michael Dunn. I still want to share a cold drink with him.

Friday morning, I met Jack Salyer in the motel lobby. Jack and his wife Jackie came to the Letcher County Picnic and it was nice seeing them again. They are from Indianapolis and drove down for Blackey Days too.

Saturday morning, Mike and Marcia Caudill, Bryce and Ricky Caudill and I met at the church in Blackey for breakfast. Mike and Marcia Caudill, it was such a pleasure meeting you even your dog liked me enough to want to dance with me.

Don’t tell me that I can’t be entertaining and cause excitement wherever I go.

Thanks, Marcia and Ricky, for the care package, and, Mike, thanks for picking apples for me.

There were four Cornett brothers that gathered for lots of companionship for Blackey Days event, Jim, Richard, Harold and Orrel.

If I have left anyone out that I met, I am sorry as I scribbled names on pieces of paper. It was a pleasure meeting everyone.

Berma, it was good to finally catch up with you.

Sunday morning, I met my niece Sue and her husband Mart Hall then we went to the cemetery on Big Branch to Dad and Mom’s and everyone’s grave. Mart is such a special young man as he made sure I didn’t slip on the wet leaves and the beautiful green moss. Afterward I spent a few hours with Sue then drove back to my home. Sue wanted me to stay with her, but I am so restless I prefer staying at the motel.

I missed seeing my sisterin laws Mattie and Wanda Hall this trip. Maybe I will get to make a return trip before winter is sets in as I don’t like to travel far in the winter.

I haven’t talked to Les or Pat Wagner this week so I hope everything is all right with them. Hello to Larry and Becky Hasty.

Doyle and Betty Ison, I hope you are out enjoying the beautiful colors.

Sunday, Vicki Power and I were supposed to go to Metamora, Ind., for a train ride. Maybe before too long.

Ricky Caudill took a spill and injured some ribs. I think he wanted to have sympathy pains with me since I took a bad fall when I was in the mountains.

Bill and Betty Kelly and family took a trip to the Amish Country around Berlin. Betty said the trip was tiring yet very enjoyable.

My sympathy goes to the Tessie Mae Johnson family. Tessie and Mom were cousins.

As you can tell this is old news as somehow I sent the wrong part to The Eagle.

Until next week, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email: Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, 513-367-4682.

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