Whitesburg KY

Dancing partner turns 91

Hello again everyone!

Time is passing by so swiftly that I feel like a day then a week is gone before I turn around.

Sunday, Vicki Power and I went to a benefit at F.O.E. in Fairborn. This is the first time I have been there in quite sometime, in fact I haven’t been anywhere as I have mentioned since Blackey Days in October and to Hillbilly Days in Pikeville.

There was a good crowd since this was for a musician, Wilbur Carpenter, who was lead guitar picker and singer for Dixie Riders. Wilbur has been having health issues for some time.

Bill Howard, the banjo picker, is from Hazard. Bill plays claw hammer, and yes I did dance just a few minutes.

I really went for two special reasons, to see Evan Lanier & Bluegrass Express, and to see my dancing partner Howard Moore, who turned 91 May 17.

Southern Ohio

Howard is a World War II veteran and he is one of the most special people you will ever meet. I am so thankful I’ve had the pleasure to spend time with him.

I heard Howard had been in the hospital, but couldn’t find out where, then yesterday someone said he was in a nursing home, but he is finally home.

I did get his address so as quick as this column is finished I am going to go get a card to send to him.

To beat it all, Evan’s band was the last one to perform, and by that time both of my feet were swollen so much I could hardly walk.

Vicki isn’t into music as much as I am, and as the evening wore on I could see she wasn’t feeling well. With my feet swelling, we stayed until the band before Evan, and finally I said, “Come on, let’s head home.”

It is so difficult to know someone is hurting, plus so was I, although I got a chair to elevate my feet and legs. Not being able to dance was very emotionally painful for me, but then I begin to think, and was grateful for the things that I can still do.

Belated happy birthday to Johnny Calihan. I sang “Happy Birthday” to Johnny on the phone

Belated happy birthday to Ann’s brother, Hubert Caudill. Ann and I started laughing so hard as we reminisced about Hubert and I running into each other accidently last year at Whitesburg Motel. Then I was brazen enough to go to Hubert’s room to say goodbye early in the morning in my pajamas.

I told Ann, “Oh my goodness, what if there were cameras?” Now Hubert, our secret is out.

I never knew Betty’s husband Bill Kelly, but Betty’s brother Doug Bryant said he remembered how beautiful I was as a young girl.

Richard Caudill seems to remember my eyes. I sort of doubt that as I am much older than Ricky.

I have to get to feeling better soon as I need a ride on Ricky’s four-wheeler. I found something so I can barter with Ricky for some of those delicious shucky beans. I used small posts from my deck for stakes for tomato plants or peas.

My son Keith Ballard has rebuilt my small deck on the back of my house. First off, I paid a good price to have this done several years ago, but with age and weather, like me, it has deteriorated .

I made the mistake of saying I wouldn’t care if Keith would take the railings off as they had warped, then Keith said the lattice needed replacing.

I went to sleep for a couple of hours, and when I woke up, the railings were missing. Not only that, Keith removed the steps, turned them over, and replaced the lattice.

Then he did some research on Internet, bought a cleaner, and along with good old Clorox, and plenty of elbow grease, which he had to supply, my deck looks like a new. Now he is going to stain it.

Then Keith discovered my garage roof is about to collapse on one side, due to a contractor who did a halfway job a few years ago.

If I had someplace else to store the junk in, I would tell him to tear it down. I may do it yet.

Les and Pat Wagner, Becky and Polly Hasty, maybe I will see you guys before long.

Doyle and Betty Ison, I miss you two, and I hope l see you soon.

Hayward Day, how are you and that beautiful daughter Kim, who looks just like her mother, doing? Hayward, when you read this please give me a call!

Les and Pat Wagner had very welcome family members from the mountains. James and John Ison, their parents and sister along with a two-year-old stopped on their way to visit as they were going to Kings Island. Then later Becky and Polly Hasty decided to surprise everyone. Pat has been making a special pineapple pie, and of course had plenty of Diet Coke, John and Pat’s favorite beverage. As I have so often said, this is an exceptional loving family.

I really would have liked to been at the next-door neighbors’ to hear the laughter and James tell some of his tales. I will try to say more next week on this subject. I think the Kings Island event is an annual thing for the Ison family. It is so hard on everyone as this year the family has lost so many. Now I don’t want to concentrate on that. Just the happiness.

My sister-in-law Mattie Hall is seeming as if she is adjusting to my brother Jerry’s death. I wish I could say the same for me as it has really taken its toll on me.

I’ve got a lot to do, so please don’t forget to tell those you care about that you love them.

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