Whitesburg KY

Daniel Adams spends spring break with grandparents


Daniel Nathan Adams spent his spring break with his grandparents, Ivan and Freda Adams of Isom, and Bert and Zelma Lou Banks and Corbin Brashears at Cowan.

Faye Banks’s son, Steve, and Doris Adams of Battletown, visited Faye and Charles. They enjoyed an outing to the flea market at Wise, had dinner at Fish Tails and did some shopping. They also attended church with them on Sunday.

Faye Banks’s grandsons, Caden and Damron, celebrated their birthday together at the skating rink in Hazard. Everyone had a real good time. The children really enjoyed it.

Elsie Banks had to go to a hospital to have her pacemaker changed, so she hasn’t felt like writing this week. We hope she will be feeling better and able to write again next week.

Linda Combs had a surprise birthday party given by her children on April 4. Ramona Forrester and Callie Finchum of Louisville, Regina Crawford of Berea and her son, Dustin Crawford of Indianapolis, came in. Also, David and Jennifer Combs and Steve, Brenda, Jessica and Shade Boggs were here.

Happy birthday to Robby Crawford of Brodhead on April 23; belated wishes to his daughter-in-law, Jenna Crawford, on March 24; to Dana Ison Walker of Naples, Fla., and belated wishes to her daughter, Aundra, and Paul David Boggs of Dry Fork.

Lloyd Fairchild of Wisconsin, paid his mother, Elizabeth Fairchild, a surprise visit for her birthday, and stayed for the weekend.

Cammie Gilley and Elizabeth Fairchild enjoyed an Easter sunrise service at Little Dove Church at Eolia, and had a large breakfast cooked by J.D. Bedwell.

We were happy to have several visitors at the Little Cowan Church. Brad and Amie Dutton came from Louisa, and he preached a wonderful Easter sermon.

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