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Daughter gives tribute to Jasper Fields

Big Cowan

Happy Feb. 14 birthdays to my loving husband, James, and to Greg Fields, the son of Pammie and Rory Fields, and Marvin Taylor Jr., and a grandson of Judy and Astor Fields Jr.

Also, a happy Feb. 22 birthday to Loreva Fields and my dad, Jasper Fields, who would have been 91 if he had lived.

Sorry to hear abut the deaths of Carl Adams and Wanda Boggs, the 33-yearold daughter of Joe Boggs. I don’t know her what her mother’s name was. Our sympathy goes out to both families.

I’m glad that Wayne and Tammy Turner’s daughter got through surgery OK.

I would like to give a tribute to my deceased dad, who would have been 91 on Feb. 22. He passed away when he was 70 years old. He was a hard worker, took care of his family, liked people, and liked to make people laugh.

He used to tell us kids and my cousins some big tales, and we weren’t sure when he was telling the truth and when he was fibbing, but they were so funny.

He went in the hospital on his birthday and died June 15, 1988. He was the son of Willie and Susan Maggard Fields, has a brother, Isom of Fields of Morristown, Tenn., and a sister, Mary Ellen Blaken of North Carolina, still living.

My brother, Archie Ray Fields of Cowan, my sister, Kathy Wolfe of Ermine, and myself, and our spouses and children all miss him very much.

Next to God, he was my favorite man in my life, and then along came my husband, and he is a lot like my dad in many ways.

But my dad will never be dead as long as my son, Mike, is living. He walks, talks, tells tales and acts just like him.

Happy birthday in Heaven, Jasper Fields, and save me a spot. I love you and miss you and think of you often.

Remember Charlie Adams and his wife, Anne, in prayer. He had openheart surgery in Hazard. He had two blockages, 100 percent. They live at Thornton and need your prayers.

I went through a quadruple open-heart surgery in 1998 with my husband, and it is really hard on the family.

May God bless you both and keep His hands on you.

Well, until next time, attend the church of your choice. Have a great week and a big hello to all!

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