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Mostly sunny

David Combs will be missed

Cowan Creek

Prayers for the family of David Combs. Such an all-around American guy! He will truly be missed. I worked with his ma, Linda, at WARH. Very dear, sweet family indeed.

Hope all got a day off due to the holiday Labor Day. I don’t think I will strike a lick at nothing unless it’s a fish. This is a day I think all should shut down.

Appreciate the people who labor and make your companies prosper. If it weren’t for them, there would be no you.

Congratulations to Zachery Day and Janet L. Mullins. They got married on Monday, Aug. 25. May God bless them as they start a new chapter in their lives. Zach is the son of Randall and Carol Day of Whitesburg. Such a fine young man.

Collin and Connor Eversole are both back to school. Hand, foot and mouth virus. What next?

Sure wish if your children have sickness, try to keep them home. So not fair to the ones who are well.

Prayers for Jesse Cook. He has to have hernia repair. He is kind of young for that, but boys are boys and he may have strained doing something like lifting or tugging. His surgery was on the 28th. Wishing him a speedy recovery.

He and his brother Avery have a pumpkin patch. So proud of them. Learning how to garden at a very young age. Go, guys.

As for Lexi Santana, she loves her music. Hope to see her accomplish her dreams.

Sure have enjoyed the sunshine. Got to play with my grandsons outside and we had a blast last Sunday. I give it my all because they live in Pikeville and I don’t see them as much as I would like.

Prayers for all who are having to take chemo and radiation treatments. The “C” word is one I so don’t like to mention. I know so many.

Our good retired surgeon Dr. Vincent Arroz is in a battle. I so hope he has the strength to endure the treatments. He has leukemia. Prayers for his family and all who are challenged by this dreadful disease.

Also, continue to pray for Lois Short of Whitesburg and Shirley Page, both are in a battle.

My cousin, Diane Brashears of Indiana, goes for her surgery soon. She has finished her chemo treatments and is so thankful that part is over. Prayers for all the families involved.

Thank you, Lord, that as God’s children, we can always choose to rejoice, because He is in control of whatever situation awaits us.

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