Whitesburg KY

David Fields turning 80 on June 22

Big Cowan

Hello everyone! Well, ‘Mouth of the South’ is back. I really enjoyed my trip to Indiana. I really needed the break.

Graduation was nice. Becca plans on going to dental school this fall. Just do not like the idea of her being in Indianapolis.

Good seeing old friends and neighbors as well as family.

Happy anniversary to Ross and Jessie Boggs Cline. They will be married three years on June 18.

Happy birthday to David Maggard on June 20. He lives in Michigan.

In memorial this week: Deola Day died three years ago, June 20; Burdine Gilley died three years ago, June 21; Marvin Taylor Sr. died three years ago June 22; Tommy Tolliver died one year ago, June 24. They are all missed by family and friends.

Happy birthday to my cousin, David W. Fields. He will be 80 years young on June 22. He lives in Florida.

Happy 53rd birthday to Bobette Robbins in Greensburg, Ind., on June 22. She has been a cook at Storie’s Restaurant for several years, and is one of the best.

Well, my granddaughter Ashley, her fiancé Red, and my sweet little buddy, Jacob, of Greensburg, Ind., came in for the weekend. Was sure glad to see them.

Joe Maggard is a proud grandpa. Kayden Tate weighed in at seven pounds, 14 ounces. Congratulations to all. His daughter LaShauna is the mom.

Late happy birthday wishes to Doug Stallard who lives in Harlan on June 15 and Earl Lemasters on June 16.

Sorry folks, I have not been to Hemphill Community Center the last two Friday nights. Hopefully I will make it up there this Friday night.

Well folks, I met a wonderful gentleman on Facebook. He seems really interested in me. He lives in Houston, Tex., but wants to relocate to Whitesburg when he retires shortly. Just pray for me, and if the Lord is willing it, it will work out.

He seems to be a good Christian man, so we will see how this works out. I have not really been looking, but somehow fate brought us together. Hopefully, we can be good friends first.

I am still worried about getting with the wrong person and getting used like I did in the past, and that was from someone here. So hopefully, this will work out.

I know it’s kind of soon after James, but nothing will ever bring him back and I know he would not want me to be lonely, and I would not have wanted him to be. He was a part of my life for so long, and here on Father’s Day he is not part of it anymore, and it’s sad.

I miss my dear, sweet daddy, Jasper Fields. They are both gone, but never forgotten, and as long as I have my children, grandchildren, brother and sister, I see so much of both of them in them and myself.

Hoping all the other fathers had a wonderful day, and if you dad is still alive, call or write him or stop by and see him. It would mean the world to him.

If you have any bad feelings toward him, lay them aside and make it right, because life is too short, and if you live to raise your kids, you will long for your kids to love you and be proud to call you Dad.

I sure enjoyed the time I had with mine, and I have no regrets or guilt feelings, and he knew I loved him. I gave up my job so I could be with him in Lexington two or more days a week.

You make sacrifices in life because you love him, not just because you have to. Just saying.

Well, I’ve got to go and get this out. Be good to each other and yourself. Keep someone in prayer and smile, because it makes the devil wonder what you are up to.

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