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David Maggard visits from Michigan

Big Cowan

I saw David Maggard, the son of the late Martin and Hazel Maggard, recently. He came to visit Irene and Eugene Day. He talked to us a few minutes before going out there. I hadn’t seen him since he was a teen-ager. He looks like his dad, and still lives in Michigan. It was good to see him.

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and got plenty to eat. We should all be thankful that we had a good place to rest and eat. So many people probably went hungry and were homeless over the holidays, so we should give thanks every day for what we have. It might not be much but is better than not having anything.

The Freewill Baptist Church has been having a real good revival, with three people getting saved.

Melinda Daniel (Kay) will be having her 38th birthday on Dec. 3. We wish her a good one.

Our sympathy goes out to all who have lost loved ones during the holiday. It makes for a really sad time.

Some of the other November birthdays were Lisa Slavage and Pat Bates. I hope that you both had a good one.

Our sympathy goes out to the family of Denise Day Howard. May the Lord give you peace and comfort during this trial.

Mary Lou Turner still needs our prayers. She has been in the hospital for two months. She’s getting discouraged, and is wanting to go to her heavenly home. Pray that the Lord will have His will in her life.

It’s hard to give up a loved one, but if they are saved and ready to go, we should not be selfish in trying to keep them here in this old sinful world. Say your good-byes, tell them you love them, and that it’s OK for them to go. They will go peacefully in the arms of God, and hopefully, we will see them again if we stay prayed up and are ready to go when our time is up.

“Oh my God, I trust in Thee. Let me not be ashamed, let not mine enemies triumph over me.” Psalm 25:2.

Until next time, I love all of you, but the Lord loves you more.

Have a great week.

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