Whitesburg KY

Days celebrating 63rd anniversary

Big Cowan

Hello everyone! Hoping all had a good week. Mine has been pretty good.

My uncle Isom Fields from Morristown, Tenn., my cousin Gid Fields, and his grandson Ethan, from Otisco, Ind., came by to visit. They had been camping with their wives at Litt Carr for the past two weeks, and attended the family reunion on July 6. They endured a lot of rain.

Isom turned 73 on July 14, and Gid will be 73 on July 18. Both are still working and doing pretty well.

My aunt Mary Ellen Blanken in North Carolina is having health problems, as well as my uncle Kenneth Butcher in West Virginia. Neither was able to attend the reunion this year. Keep them in your prayers.

Ruby Lewis Partin from Linefork had a birthday July 8. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to Francis Day on July 20. He will be 59.

Irene and Eugene Day will be married 63 years on July 21. Happy anniversary to them, and I hope they have many more years together.

Benny McIntosh died six years ago on July 21, and is still missed by all who knew him. He would be so proud of his children, Kayla, Richard and Emily McIntosh, and his grandchildren. They are all growing up so fast.

Deidra Fields and Sammy Gibson will be married four years on July 21. Happy anniversary to them, and I think it is Dee’s birthday as well. Happy birthday to her.

Also, in memory of my mother- in- law Mandy Chandler on July 18. She died July 18, 1982, and her daughter, the late Dana Brown, would have been 62 on July 18. They are missed by all who knew them. Dana died in April, 2013.

I met Grethel Pease the other day. She lives at Craft’s Colley. Her son died recently. So sorry to hear that. She is really a sweet lady and a good neighbor to Kathy and Eddie.

I talked to Thula Ison on the phone the other day. She is doing fair. Had not heard from her in a while.

So sorry to hear about Grace Brown dying. I did not know her personally. She was a good friend to my aunt Irene Day. Seemed like a real nice person,

Irene came out to visit on Sunday. She is trying to walk some and build her strength up. Always good to see her.

I also talked on the phone with Agnes Maggard the other day. She is doing fair. She and Anna are planning on coming to Kentucky for a few days soon.

Does anyone remember and miss all the little country grocery stores? I know I do. When I was growing up they were everywhere, starting at Whitco coming up toward Cowan there was Harold Day’s then Charles Gilley’s, then Marion Day’s, Irene and Eugene Day’s, Coleman Day’s and then across to Kingscreek and Linefork area and Gordon.

We still have one in our community, Trent’s Grocery, formerly Irene and Eugene Day’s, and I am glad for it. If you need something in a hurry, you can run and get it.

It was always fun going in the different little stores. They all had something different. The bigger stores are nice, and some of them are one-stop shops where you can get everything you need in one place.

I miss the things of the past sometimes.

Well, guess I have bored you enough. Until next week, may God bless, attend the church of your choice, and keep everyone in prayer.

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