Whitesburg KY

Days go on 5,000-mile trip

Bessie Day went with her son, James, daughterin law Diana, and greatgranddaughter, Cheyenne, on a 5,000-mile trip. They started in Ohio, where they picked black raspberries, then went west across Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, and on to St. Louis, Missouri, Kansas and Colorado.

Going into the Rocky Mountains, they found snow still on the mountains. Coming down out of the mountains, they came by Glenwood Canyon into Utah. They looked down into Cowboy Canyon and Eagle Canyon. They went to Hill Air Force Base to see grandson Daniel and his family.

She spent four days going to numerous shopping malls and exploring Antelope Island on the Great Salt Lake. Going south into Arizona, she enjoyed half a day at the Grand Canyon.

Starting east, they came into New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma. At Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City, she was impressed by an air show. She met General Litchfield, and on learning her long history of men in the Air Force, including husband, Jack Day, her son and grandson, he presented her with his personal coin.

They came back across Arkansas and Tennessee, to Nashville, and into Kentucky.

Bessie had a wonderful time adventuring with her family. She came back with many beautiful pictures and gifts. Those of us who were the recipients thank her. We’re very grateful that she took time in her busy schedule to think of us.

Belated happy birthday wishes to Bennett Combs and Thelma Cook Bays of North Carolina, and happy birthday to Shade Boggs on July 3, Dustin Crawford on July 6, and Yvonne Sutphin’s grandson, Derek Frame, on July 2. He joined the Marines in May, and is now at Paris Island, S.C.

June 11–12, the Combs- Jones reunion was held at Gerald Combs’s home. A good time was enjoyed by many.

Visiting Bennett and Linda Combs were Ramona Finchum, Regina Crawford and son, Dustin, Liz Combs Looney and her family.

Pine Mountain Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution Regent Marsha Banks hosted a special meeting at her home June 24 for planning a schedule for the upcoming year. Members present were Marsha Banks, Merlene Day, secretary; Rebecca Ann Reynolds, treasurer; Mahala Frazier, historian; and Shirley Whitaker, vice regent.

They discussed changes for the handbook and things they wanted to accomplish, state and district meetings they wish to attend and other things they want to schedule for next year.

They agreed to attend the meeting scheduled for July 24. Members will be notifi ed later with the details of the trip.

They reported having a very productive meeting, and feel they are on the right track.

We are glad to hear that our good neighbor, Earl Profitt, is making some improvement. This remarkable 91-year-old was mowing a high, steep hill behind his house when he had a bad fall, suff ering some serious injuries.

He is in the Holston Valley Hospital. His wife Juanita and daughter Doris Miller have stayed with him the entire time. They are hoping that he will soon be able to come to Letcher Manor for therapy. He still has a long way to go, so please continue to pray for him.

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