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Days start off cold, then turn hot

Hello everyone!

Once again, how is everything in your little corner of the world? I hope floods and high wind have receded. We had a few nice days that had started off very cold with heavy frost, then in the afternoon you needed air conditioning in the car which I refuse to turn on.

Flooding has left so much destruction in different area. The water really got too close for comfort to my house. I prepared the best I could and finally decided that I couldn’t hold back the rushing water, so I decided to change my attitude and accept what ever was going to happen. That too would come to pass and whatever was meant to be was going to be.

I try to keep an upbeat outlook on life and yesterday I hit a stumbling block ion the highway of life. I tentatively made a spur of the moment decision to head for the mountains of eastern Kentucky that I love so dear in my heart. Friday morning very early, I had an appointment to have a CT-Scan of my lungs. Afterwards I had a quick errand to do, then I was coming home to call Whitesburg Motel for a reservation, pack a bag and head homeward bound.

In the blink of an eye my left turn signal quit working, which took an half hour to get it put in, plus wiper blades as I decided to get new ones as I’ve need them for almost a year.

My dryer knob broke so I decided to just stay home and take care of things. My washer has been acting up for some time, so when I checked the price of two new appliances I decided that going to the mountains could wait for a while.

I even planned to be in the mountains in time as I was going to Campbell’s Branch to hear music, maybe to dance a bit. I called Marcia Caudill to see if Mike and Marcia could join me.

Southern Ohio

Then Saturday I planned on going to the benefit at Carcassonne Community Center to listen to singing as I sure couldn’t partake in the delicious chicken and dumplings that Marcia Caudill was making. The Benefit for Gary “Dukie” Fugate medical fund was a huge success, thanks to everyone who brought food, donated their time and helped in any way.

Mike and Marcia Caudill extend their thanks and gratitude as well as the Fugate family, as they were able to attend the benefit, however Mr. Fugate wasn’t able to attend.

March 10, Carcassonne Community Center will have the first square dance of the year from 6-9 p.m. Spaghetti supper will be available at 5:30. Sunrise Ridge will be performing. Please keep this event on your calendar.

My daughter Angie Wiederhold is scheduled for back surgery soon. I can’t wait until she has the surgery so she can get relief, as it is literally killing me to see her suffer this way. It is so painful to see your children, though grown, go through health problems when there’s nothing you can do for them.

My little sidekick Bennie is really growing, and is finally eating different foods and not gaining any at all.

Sunday was a very busy day for Vicki Power and me as we ventured to Good Samaritan Hospital to visit a friend I have known 45 years. She has been in the hospital about six weeks. Afterwards Vicki and I went to Batesville, Ind., to visit a couple of friends that are in a rehab nursing home for a few weeks.

Vicki and I both weren’t feeling well as she had gotten up with the chickens, slipped next door to her mobile home and trimmed her neighbor’s bushes as he isn’t able to do them.

I’ve been having trouble again with my stomach then I think otherwise and am grateful. If I don’t feel well I am still on the go and able to do for others.

It is almost time to start getting your favorite hoe to work in the garden. Mine is leaning against the garage wall so I can get a few new bulbs in the ground as I am not able to make a garden nor have space. Oh what am I saying? If I were able, somehow I would make space as I have a large yard.

I know that Les and Pat Wagner are waiting for warm weather as Les will be putting out a garden and they always can their produce and share with Becky and Polly Hasty. If only I could digest vegetables, I would be heading their way.

Johnny and Ann Calihan are enjoying having their daughter Sue Wagner with them. Sue has been very ill and still tries to keep going. Johnny will be heading for his garden before long.

Ike Adams was kind enough to send me some special bean seed. I have a small trellis that I am putting in an out-of-theway place and am going to plant a few bean seeds to grow up the trellis. For the past three years I’ve planted recycled tomato seeds from my daughter Anna’s and each year I have a few cherry tomatoes — which were called tommy toes back in my childhood. I love to watch them grow from seeds to a full thriving plant although I can’t digest them.

Steve and Pat Stamper sent me some flower seeds. I am going to start them in containers. I double dare my son or anyone even get close enough to cut them down or I will be using a hoe handle on their backside.

Daffodils are blooming in a few places, then we had frost a couple of mornings. My lilac trees are budding, and my poppies are up about three inches.

As I traveled on one of my journeys I noticed along the road the bushes are getting a tinge of green. Oh I am so ready for spring and warm weather. We really haven’t had a bad winter, that is until February, and that has made up for all the months.

In December I had to fill my propane tank, then Saturday afternoon it was ready to be filled again. Now I should have enough propane to carry me through and plenty left to start next winter, which none of us know what and if we have a future.

Shirley June Whitaker, I will try to answer your letter as soon as I can get my brain settled long enough to concentrate.

I received an email from Lavetta Coots Martin. Lavetta is the daughter of Carl Coots. Carl was the son of Boyd Coots, who is the son of my great grandparents Will and Nance Coots. Lavetta reads my column and saw where I had mentioned Ma and Pa Coots. How I wish my mom was alive and could now have been in touch with several different cousins.

March 4, Mom would have been 99 years old Needless to say it has been a hard day for me. Dad’s birthday would be March 13. Dad would be 93.

On a happy note my granddaughter Jessica Nottingham celebrated her birthday March 1. Jessie was 16.

Leaving you with this thought. I have fed mouths that have talked bad about me. I have wiped tears from faces that have caused mine. I have picked people up that have knocked me down, but I will not lose myself in the actions of others.

Until next time: Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030 email: Bluegrassmama4@aol.com.

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