Whitesburg KY
Partly sunny
Partly sunny

Days to mark 66th anniversary

Hello everyone! Hoping everyone is doing well.

We have had lots of rain but that’s okay, especially if it cools us down from the hot weather. Looks like most of the gardens have turned out well.

I have been going to the Farmers Market and so far I have gotten greasy beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, zucchini, watermelon and cantaloupe. Kind of high prices if you have to pay cash.

I use my token. It seems to be helping a lot of people, so thanks to all the farmers who bring produce and all the helpers.

I stopped at the new Christian bookstore, “God’s Goal”, with my friend, Brenda Stone. We met the owner, Linda Amburgey, and carried on a real long conversation with her. She is a really nice lady.

Big Cowan

So when you have time go in and check out the store and talk with her. Tell her I sent you. The phone number is 634-3294. Stop in or give her a call if you need supplies.

My aunt and uncle, Irene and Eugene Day, will be married 66 years on July 21. Congratulations to both of them and praying for better health. She is in her 80s and he is 90. They have two children Emma (George) Adams and Francis (Jenny) Day, a grandson, Professor Chris Adams, a granddaughter, Heather (deceased), and a great-granddaughter, Paige Brown.

They have been so blessed, and I love both of them so much and wish them many more years together. Not many people stay together that long anymore. May God bless them and keep them.

Birthdays for the month of July — some are belated, sorry for that:

Thelma Bates, July 1; Anna Maggard, July 2; Joe Bates celebrated, and Garred Jackson Cline was three years old on July 3; Amber Trent Jackson, July 4; Gwen Jones Saylor and Carla Maggard, July 6; Ruby Lewis Partin, July 8; Juanita Fields Smith, July 12; Isom Fields, July 14; and Gid Fields on July 18.

Brenda Stone, Kandi Slone, Shirley Baker and myself celebrated with Darrell Holbrook, July 15, for his birthday with him for breakfast. We all had a good time. Met his sister-in-law Shirley Baker and she was real nice.

We love you, buddy, and hope you enjoyed your day.

Rick Dobson and Wayne Turner celebrated a birthday on July 19; Diedre Fields Gibson on July 21; Shannon Reeves and Francis Day on July 22; Lesley Callihan, Mona Fields Boggs and Kim Stevens on July 27; Aubrey Nicole Gamble will be five years old on July 28; Charles Day (hoping you are keeping Whitco straight), Mike Dobson, Autumn Renee Hensley will be eight years old, and Lisa Honeycutt will celebrate hers on July 31.

Hope all of you enjoyed your day.

All of those in memory this month: Taft Boggs, one year ago on July 11; Frank and Jane Fishback, five years ago July 12; Mandy McInteer Chandler, July 18; Dana Brown, July 18 she would have been 65; Benny McIntosh, July 21; Mrs. Ella Preston, two years ago July 18; Gertie Brockman, two years ago July 25; Trish Ison, five years ago on July 28.

All have gone from our homes but never from our hearts. Rest in peace until we see you again.

Wedding anniversaries: Juanita and Marty Smith, six years July 2; Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Eldridge, 54 years on July 5; Carla and Tony Maggard, 23 years on July 6; Stacy and Steve Dollarhide on July 14; Brenda and Rick Williams, four years on July 16; Karen and David Trost, July 17; and Irene and Eugene Day, 66 years on July 21.

Keep me in your prayers. This moving deal is so slow. Nothing is moving like it should. My friend tells me that maybe God doesn’t want me to move, but I really need to be there. Pray that His will be done in my life.

It’s so hard and I am filled with mixed emotions. I love the mountains, and I also love Indiana. I have kin here, but my kids, grandkids and the baby are there.

Whether I stay or whether I go, I just need a better place to live before winter hits. It will be so much easier up there for me. No yard work, good heating and cooling and a smaller place to keep clean with city water, sewer, garbage pickup, and close to everything.

Yes, I will miss my family and friends here, but hopefully I can come and visit.

Pray that Mike’s building and my appliances sell soon and the clean up will go smoothly.

Prayer list: Myself and my family; Darrell Holbrook will be having knee surgery in October; Brenda Stone; Kandi Slone and Frieda Campbell will be having shoulder surgery; Irene and Eugene Day; Oma Hatton; Archie and Margaret Fields; and Mike Fields.

Keep someone in prayer and may God bless until next time. Keep smiling — it makes people wonder what you are up to.

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