Whitesburg KY

Days, Wolfes mark anniversaries

Big Cowan

Hello everyone! Such a great morning (Sunday) to wake up to. Has been a beautiful week except for a little rain.

Trees and lilies are in bloom, allergies and sinuses on the rampage. People out and about. Really good to see after the winter we have had. I love seeing the Bradford pear trees, Japanese cherry blossoms and redbuds in bloom. People out planting their gardens, kids playing outside and I am enjoying sitting on my front porch watching people pass by.

Happy birthday, Wayne Fields, who will be 49 on April 17. Also, Tim Dobson shares the same day. Happy birthday, Timbo.

Happy birthday to Tammy Trent on April 19.

Courtland Gales will be eight years old on April 21. He is the great-grandson of Archie and Margaret Fields and lives in California. Hoping he has a fun filled day.

Avis Boggs Fields died one year ago on April 17. Still missed by all who knew her.

Charles and Shirley Day will celebrate a wedding anniversary on April 18. Happy anniversary to both of you.

Kathy and Eddie Wolfe will be married 36 years on April 22. Happy anniversary and I love you both.

Glen Miles and the late Dorothy Jean Miles would have been married 59 or 60 years on April 22. Will be thinking of you, Glen, and missing Dorothy. Try to make the best of your day. Praying that God will give you strength. Also praying for Glenda Jean to get stronger.

Keep everyone in prayer this week.

Late happy 18th birthday to Courtney and Dylan Wilson.

Well folks, until next time keep smiling, enjoy the weather, be good to everyone you meet. You never know what the other person is going through, so be kind and smile. It could make their day. I love you all. May God bless.

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