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Deaths sadden Jeremiah area residents


So many of our friends and neighbors have sorrowful hearts due to the loss of loved ones.

Carbon Glow resident Dennis Johnson died last week, and his ashes were buried in the Johnson Cemetery at Carbon Glow. The Johnson family is one of the families who were raised in the coal camp hollow of Carbon Glow and still remain there today. Many family and friends attended the graveside service for Dennis, and our sympathy goes out to them.

Longtime schoolteacher Benton Back also died last week at the age of 95. He touched many lives throughout his many years of teaching, and was well loved by his former students, as was evident during his funeral. Benton was laid to rest next to his wife, Oreva, in the Tiny Whitaker Cemetery near his home. Our hearts go out to Sandra, Elaine and Lindsey during this sad time. They will be lost without their father, but were blessed to have him for so long.

Also, the Isom area lost a good resident when James Breeding was called away by death. He had been a patient at the East Kentucky Veterans Nursing Home for awhile. Our sympathy goes out to Shirley and the family.

We hope that Clayton Shepherd is feeling better after his recent hospital visit. I was sorry to read in

The Mountain Eagle that he had recently lost his sister, Marie Back.

Bascom McIntyre celebrated his birthday with a gathering of his family and friends. His birthday was this week, but they got together over the weekend to help him have a good birthday.

Belated birthday wishes to Marie Reedy of Isom, and Ila Adams of Blair Branch, whose birthdays were last week.

I forgot to mention last week that little Mason Pridemore celebrated his first birthday recently with a party at the Blackey Presbyterian Church. His greatgrandparents, Lee and Wilma Pridemore and ‘Dee Dee’ Dewilla Sparkman, said that Mason really enjoyed his big day.

Congratulations to Corey and Tonya Ison, who recently had a new baby. The one’s grandparents and great-grandparents are Ronald and Susan Ison, Butch and Linda Chaltas, Rodney and Geraldine Ison and Wendell and Doreen Calhoun.

The quick-moving storm we had last week blew down many trees in the area, especially a lot of pine trees. Dorse and Gwen Fields had one blocking their driveway and they were glad when Frank Campbell brought a crew and cut it up so they could get out of their road.

Trees also fell in the Whitaker Cemetery located ‘between the bridges’ at Letcher. One fell all the way from one side to the other and Richard Smith, Harvey Campbell and Delmon Adams worked hard to cut it up and clear most of it away.

A tree blocked the road below Letcher School, and another fell in the road at Calvary College. It seemed that the wind just hit here and there.

Last week Roy Kenon and Billie Smith of Ohio came in to visit with Lee and Wilma Pridemore. Don Pridemore went up to Lee’s to visit with them.

Two other ladies with ties to Letcher County died last week, Bobbie Stivers of Ohio, and Thelma Cornett of Burnside.

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