Whitesburg KY

Decorations are going up

Hello from Kingscreek Senior Center. This is a busy time of year for everyone, and especially us old folks.

Tuesday, Nov. 15, was our Thanksgiving potluck. We had turkey with all the trimmings. I can’t remember who brought what, but it was all good. There were lots of desserts to top the meal off. Kingscreek

We did get some quilting done also. The quilters started on a Flower Garden Quilt and we tackers started a beautiful pink print quilt. Both should be beautiful when finished.

A big thank you to Christine Fields for the kind words of welcome. She does a column for Big Cowan.

I’ve noticed the decorations going up all over. People are getting in the holiday spirit. I’m like a kid when it comes to holidays; I love them all.

I just got back from the center and want to get this in the mail. There were not many girls there today, I guess it was too cold. Early this morning we had a dusting of snow.

We finished a tacked quilt today and put another one in the frame. Working on a quilted one are Margie Sturgill, Mae Boggs, Ethyl Banks and Brenda Fields.

Tacking quilts were Brenda Fields, Mae Boggs and myself. Faye Herron keeps our needles threaded. Once we put the new one in, it was time for lunch. After eating we just visited.

There was talk about a shopping trip, more time to quilt, and the upcoming fundraiser. The fundraiser is for two families with sickness. It will be a soup bean dinner. For more information on this, call the center at 633-7289. It will be good food at a good price.

It’s time to get this in the mail. Remember, be good to your neighbors and surprise people with a smile.

Until next time, take care of yourself.

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