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Deep Purple wasn’t Blackmore’s first



1. Name the two groups Ritchie Blackmore joined before he hooked up with Deep Purple.

2. When was the last Isle of Wight Festival? Where was it held?

3. Name the artist who first scored a No. 1 hit with “Sixteen Tons.” What was the year?

4. What was Stevie Wonder’s first No. 1 hit single? How old was he at the time?

5. Who released “Won’t Get Fooled Again”?

6. Which Beatle had a hit with “My Sweet Lord”? Why was the song controversial?


1. The Jaywalkers and The Outlaws. The British guitarist and songwriter joined Deep Purple in 1968.

2. In August 1970 off the southern coast of England. By some counts, 600,000 people attended, more than were at Woodstock.

3. Tennessee Ernie Ford, in 1955. The song was about the lives of coal miners.

4. The instrumental “Fingertips” by then 12-year-old “Little” Stevie Wonder was recorded live in 1963. The song continued on the Bside as “Part 2,” with Wonder urging, “Everybody say ‘yeah!’”

5. The Who, in 1971. The Pete Townshend song went to No. 15 on the charts.

6. George Harrison, in 1970. The song ended up as part of a lawsuit wherein Harrison was accused of copying “He’s So Fine” by the Chiffons. The court decided that he had copied the melody. ©2012 King Features Synd.

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