Whitesburg KY

Deer are seen on way to Town Hill


Hello everyone — I hope all have had a good week. The weeks seem to fly by so quickly. I remember my granny telling me time goes quicker when you get older. I know the days are the same length but some sure are shorter than others.

Feel Better Wishes are being sent to Janice Wolod of Annapolis, Md.; Randy Brown of Little Cowan; Edison Banks of Little Cowan; Mike Wenning of Little Cowan; Dianna Newsome of Pikeville; and Tonia Banks of New Carlisle, Ohio.

I’m sending happy birthday wishes to my auntb Ramona Caudill of Little Cowanb and my cousin, Kim Schroder of Douglasville, Ga. They have birthdays on August 5.

Susan Ware of Lexington and Donna Hollingshead of Somerset came in for the weekend. They stayed with us. Susie, Donna, John, and I played Catan. It was the first time playing for Donna. I’m not sure she liked it enough to play again but she did win. Susie won the second game.

Susie, Donna, John, Mike, and I went to Pine Mountain Grill for lunch one afternoon. It was a good time together. We did see Marion Gilley and his family there.

After we ate, we drove through Whitesburg and went to a couple yard sales. I don’t usually find things at yard sales, but I did this time.

On Saturday night, we went on Town Hill for a cookout. Our usual spot was taken so we went to our backup spot. I drove the side-by-side there and Susie, Donna, and Joe rode with me. John and Dianna were in John’s truck. There were a lot of vehicles on Town Hill that night.

When we were going up Town Hill we saw two deer. They ran on the road in front of us. When we were coming off Town Hill, Joe and I saw the fattest copperhead. It was in the middle of the road and we missed it. I was glad I was in a vehicle when we saw it.

Joe Stamper of Lexington came in for the weekend. He did a lot of weed-eating around their place on Little Cowan.

John, Dianna, Mike, and I ate supper with Jeff and Debbie Vice of Flemingsburg. Jeff and Debbie were staying at their place on Kingdom Come. It was a delicious meal. We all appreciated their hospitality. Sitting and talking with family is wonderful.

Our son and daughter-in-law, Brad and Becky Wenning of New Paris, Ohio, had their storage unit broken into. A lot of units had broken locks but no one had anything stolen other than their unit. They filed a police report. It was snake equipment that was stolen.

Our son Mark took an eight-day motorcycle trip to the Ozark Mountains. He went with Steven Richardson of Cincinnati and Denver Little of Cincinnati. The pictures that were sent of their trip were fantastic. One photo he sent said “Pine Mountain Jamboree”. I don’t know where he was but I liked the sign. They make a lot of stops here and there and just enjoyed traveling. He said they were in Paducah, followed by Harrison, Arkansas, followed by Eureka Springs, Arkansas, followed by Pontiac, Missouri, and followed by St. Louis, Missouri. Then they came home. I was glad to find out they were home safe after the trip.

I saw a notice on social media that the Whitesburg High School Class of 1972 is planning their 50th class reunion for June 28, 2022. That is exciting.

I graduated from Celina, Ohio and our 50th class reunion is being planned for October, 2022. I don’t know anything about Mike’s 50th class reunion. It’ll be next year also.

When my mom had her 50th class reunion (years ago), she said she didn’t want to go. I convinced her to go and told her that people had grown up and it would fun. She went and later told me she had a good time. She was in the Class of 1947 for Whitesburg High School.

Mike and I had a Sunday afternoon picnic at one of the overlooks. It was nice sitting there for a little while.

Libby and John Honeycutt took a trip to Spartanburg, South Carolina. They met up with their daughter, Phoebe Stevens of Savannah, Georgia. Libby and John brought their grandchildren back with them to stay for a few days. Grandparents and grandchildren had a wonderful time.

We are once again getting produce from others. Susie brought us tomatoes, Donna brought us zucchini, and Aunt Ramona gave us corn and tomatoes. Thank you, everyone. We appreciate the thoughtfulness from all.

It was sad to hear of the passing of Steve Meade. I had met him and he was a pleasant man. Condolences to his family and friends.

This week’s quote is attributed to Catherine Pulsifer. “No one can ever take your memories from you — each day is a new beginning, make good memories every day.”

If you have any news please email CowanNews@aol.com. Thank you.

Stay healthy and safe. Wear a mask to keep you and others safe.

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