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Deer on roads are dangerous

Christmas is fast approaching, but it’s hard to believe since our weather has been so warm lately. But I do enjoy the warmer temperatures, as do others.

This coming Friday evening will be the annual singing at Blair Branch Church. Everyone is welcome, and we are also bringing in nonperishable food items for the Letcher County Food Pantry, and after singing refreshments will be served. Singing begins at 7 that evening.

Last Tuesday was the December meeting of the Letcher Area Homemakers. Donation items were brought in for the local nursing homes and the Veterans Home. A good time was reported by those who attended the meeting.

I couldn’t make it that day. Bob had the day off and we took Don and Coreen Pridemore with us to Richmond to meet our daughter, Jessie, for lunch. We enjoyed visiting with her a took a few old roads back home, and stopped at a little “junk store” at Waco. Of course I found a few bargains to fix up for my Shoppe.


So many people have had close calls with deer crossing the roads in front of them last week. In an hour’s span, two deer were hit in front of them and last week in an hour, two deer were hit in front of Dad and Mom’s house.

Sad for the deer and the vehicles that hit them, but with some hard work from Keitzi “K.P.,” good eating for the winter.

Four deer jumped across the road in front of Harvey and Vicki Campbell’s house and I had to slam my brakes to keep from hitting them. If you see one cross, odds are there are a couple more behind it. Recently, one was hit and killed about the same spot the other four crossed over.

Another odd occurrence was the thousands of blackbirds that flew over last week as they were migrating south. You could hear them chirping as they flew over. My thought was for them to just keep on flying away from here. I love birds, but that species of nuisance, disease-carrying bird, I just can’t tolerate.

It was unbelievable how many birds there were, and I wonder where they all came from and where they would all end up.

Our area was saddened to learn of the death of Francine Combs Caudill. She had been so sick for the last year or so and would get a little better, and then another health problem would come up. Her children and her sister, Donna Frazier, were always by her side throughout the stays and struggles of hospitals and the nursing home.

Francine was a wonderful mother as was evident to all who knew her. She loved her family and was a strong, faithful Christian, instilling her family with a love of Christ and strong Christian values.

A large crowd attended the visitation and funeral and all spoke so lovingly of Francine. She was such a blessing to the Letcher Independent Church, working hard to spread the word of God and she had taught Sunday school for over 20 years.

Francine was the nurturing type and not only loved her own children and grandchildren, but loved her nephew, Orville Combs, and his children as her own. She took care of her aunt Mollie Hobbs for many years, and she and Donna cared for their mother, Mary Lou Combs, until her death too.

She was a special cousin, friend, and neighbor to many as well.

Many prayers and sympathy to her children, Theresa, William, Amanda and Anthony, and their families, and to Donna and Lyle Frazier, and all who knew and loved her.

Francine was laid to rest at the Burton Hill Cemetery next to her mother, Mary Lou Combs, her brother, “Big” Gary, grandparents Hub and Vina Banks, and her aunts and uncles on the Banks’ side.

On a final note, just in case I don’t have a column next week, I wish all of you a merry Christmas and happy New Year.

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