Whitesburg KY

Defending the Constitution

To the Editor:

It was about four years ago when I turned on the TV news and an interview was in progress. The interviewer and company executives were discussing the outsourcing of American manufacturing companies to foreign locations. The interviewer commented that he would like to know if it were true that United States companies moved overseas because of the availability of cheaper labor.

One of the executives replied, “Don’t forget! Most citizens of those countries can’t afford to purchase our products. It is necessary that we ship them back to the United States for sale. When one considers the expense of shipment back to America, the cheaper foreign labor isn’t that much of an advantage. It was extreme regulations imposed by the government of the United States that caused our companies to either close down, or move to locations where they can manufacture.”

Any self-sufficient nation must have a manufacturing base. Loss of American jobs and dependence upon foreign companies for products we need are two important issues at stake. In addition, we have to consider that these damaging regulations are unconstitutional. Most of the career politicians have shredded the United State Constitution for years.

In November 2010, it is vitally important for voters to elect candidates who will recognize a return to Constitutional limitations. A repeal of those unfair regulations will be absolutely essential to restore the American economy to its former strength. Senate candidate Dr. Rand Paul is one of the pro-constitution candidates. Thomas Jefferson said, “In questions of power, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.”

For a long time, many of our politicians have erroneously referred to our Constitutional Republic as a Democracy, Vladimir Lenin once said, “Socialism and Democracy are inseparable.” Steven M. Barry (former U.S. Army, Special Forces) defined it this way, “Democracy — the historical Communist, political battle cry.” We in America are supposed to have a government directed by constitutional law, not a Democracy of majority rule.


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