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Demand better service and quality

To the Editor:

I got to noticing how all our roads break up in winter near the centerline where no one even drives.

The problem is quite obvious. Water runs in this seam and freezes, pushing up the asphalt. Most states pour hot tar into this seam.

The intersection of 119 and 23 near Jenkins has been patched this way, and not one crack has developed into a pothole there.

I called the highway departments at Whitesburg, Pikeville and Frankfort, but only got receptionists, recordings and the runaround.

It seems the highway engineers are more concerned with keeping their jobs than actually doing them.

I called both of our state representatives and, surprisingly, both returned my call. I explained this was a hundred-dollar fix to a million-dollar problem.

Ancil Smith has already been working on this very problem. It seems as if state contractors own most of our legislators.

I gathered that since we got rid of Howard Cornett, maybe things will improve.

Mr. Smith seemed very knowledgeable (unusual for a politician). Someone needs to dump Bush and Burchett, too.

Have you seen the mess they made at Whitesburg, and no one seems to be fixing it?

I hope there is some way we can get rid of AEP Power Company. They, too, are worthless as tits on a boar hog.

I recently started replacing anything that caused me trouble. First to go was my Dodge truck. Next I took an outboard motor, two chainsaws, a lawnmower and a weed-eater to Ray Baker’s to be crushed.

It felt so good I changed banks, phone company, TV company and credit card company.

I quit buying gas in Kentucky because it’s usually 10 to 15 cents cheaper in Virginia.

I’m loyal to people who give me good service and have stuck by them for years. Prime examples are my garbage service, Geico, my cell phone company, my mechanics (Cars-R-Us), Bass Pro Shop, Cabellas, Midway and U.P.S.

I won’t let DHL come in my driveway. I tip well when I get good service at a restaurant, but not at all for poor service.

If everyone would demand better service and quality, maybe we could get back to the good old days before we had all of this Chinese junk.


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