Whitesburg KY

Demand made in U.S.A. goods

To the Editor:

Living in a city that has lost thousands of jobs to low-cost foreign companies with result in the loss of thousands of good-paying industrial jobs, especially the auto industry, General Motors eliminating 10,000 jobs and National Cash Register 14,000. Taking into consideration the thousands of support jobs associated with these employers, you understand the Dayton, Oh., area is not in plush condition.

The saving grace has been the leadership of this country continues to push our influence, especially the military, around the world. Thus we have had a large increase in activity at Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

With more government jobs and the continued loss in private sector jobs, like many cities in the good old U.S.A., we are one of many who are suffering from the loss of good-paying private sector jobs.

Until the buying American people wake and start demanding made in the U.S.A. goods and services, in my opinion we will continue to see a loss of average American jobs with the end result being more unemployment, more welfare, more dependency on the government. With the loss of independence and gradual drive toward a socialist form of government, as a veteran who was a U.S. Marine in World War II, in my humble opinion we are on a treadmill to disaster unless we change the direction of this great country.

As one of the seven Shepherd brothers who served in the military of the great county in war and peace, the question remains, where is our future?

Dayton, OH
(Born in Letcher County)

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