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Deputies: ‘Intoxicated’ women stole from man

Two women charged …

Sheriff ’s deputies arrested two women for burglary after receiving calls that they were intoxicated at an Isom gas station.

Letcher County Deputy Sheriffs James Norris and Seth Whitaker were called to the Isom Double Kwik about 11:45 p.m., May 2, after a customer reported several people who appeared to under the influence at the convenience store.

Norris said in a citation that he walked into the store and saw Chrissy Simpson, 41, of 13665 HWY 588, Blackey, leaning behind the counter getting coffee from the cabinets. Norris wrote that after talking the woman he realized she was “highly intoxicated.” While talking to her, Norris said a call came in about a red van that was seen at a house on KY 7, and that two women were stealing items from the carport.

Whitaker wrote in a separate citation that he was on patrol when he got the call, and when he found Simpson and Amy Lynn Sexton, 37, of 151 Jefferson St., Blackey, both “stumbling and slurring their words.” While talking to them, Whitaker wrote, he was approached by Corey Gibson, who showed him pictures of Sexton stealing items from his property. Whitaker said the items were recovered from Sexton’s red van, and when the license plate for the van was checked, he found the van was not insured.

Sexton was charged with third-degree burglary, public intoxication (controlled substance) and failure of owner/operator to maintain required insurance.

Simpson was charged with third-degree burglary and public intoxication (controlled substance). The burglary charges are felonies.

Sheriff Mickey Stines said the two were arrested, but after being interviewed were released the following morning due to COVID-19 restrictions on jailing offenders.

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