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Derby horses were a hit


I apologize to Ms. Ruby Caudill. I gave her a new name in last week’s news. She couldn’t find her name, so Debra explained that I had a ‘senior moment.’

Ruby, you are a wonderful cheerleader and it’s a pleasure to watch you. We love you!

Thank you, Annabelle Wright, for sharing the Derby idea. What a big hit it was! Colson Center hosted the party for all our centers and we had a good crowd. I wanted to talk to everyone, so if I missed you I’ll get you the next time. So many I hadn’t seen for awhile.

To all of you who made hats, you did a great job and they were all so pretty. I love hats, and I saw some I would love to own. Some of the guys even made a hat, and what fun they must have had. I especially liked Rhuford Hart’s hat.

Our Derby horses were a big hit also. If you missed the race, you missed so much. Where else would you see your County Judge Jim Ward ride a stick horse named ‘Slimmy Jimmy,’ and there was our magistrate on his steed, ‘Starchy Archie’?

Linda Sturgill had a horse named ‘Crooked Politician,’ but it didn’t win any money even though she said it was a winner.

No, Lennon, that wasn’t Bruce that Linda was carrying, that was her boyfriend. She got rid of him right after the Derby because she caught Jewel and Eunice smooching with him and then he was making eyes at Trenda

Oh, you should have seen the size of Maxine Venters’s hat. Tosh Lowe had made a hat that was dear to our hearts; it was a tribute to the coal miners. Tosh’s hat is on display at the Harry M. Caudill Library in Whitesburg. Go by and take a look.

Have you heard the old saying, seniors can hold their whiskey but not their water? Well we now have proof from Della Lowe and her trip to the restroom. I will not say more for you know Della can run faster than I can.

Alpha Sexton called, and her sister, Ora Lou Pierce, died in Mansfield, Ohio. Alpha wasn’t able to go to the funeral.

Alpha misses Marvin so much. We want her to come to the center and be with her friends. We love Alpha and her family and extend sympathy to Lou’s family. Her sister Darlene and her family went to the funeral. They are the children of Raymond and Florence Whitaker Sexton.

You should watch our cheerleaders, they are so good! Let me tell you Irene Seals, Bessie Tibbs and Nettie Nelson are like teenagers out there. So are all the other girls. Let’s all go and show our support at the senior games.

I went to Lexington with Ann Bradley for the ovarian screening. Ask Ann. I behaved but I can’t say the same for Patty Nantz and Linda Perry. Colleen Caudill and Rachel Shepherd were so well behaved. I won’t say about Janice and the others for I may not be invited again. Oh, we had so much fun. Amy Collins always stops in to visit with us and she really is a farmer. We like to see her each time.

Birthday wishes to Jean Cook, Macie Kincer, Nancy Bowen, Ralph Thomas and my aunt Cora Baker. Aunt Cora was treated to a big bash at Pine Mountain Grill on Saturday. I know she missed those who couldn’t be there. We wish her many more.

Now I have to tell you about my friend, Ralph Thomas. When I was 56 years old I got a driver’s license. I think he was a little apprehensive about my driving for he called and asked me to please call before I left home so he would know to stay at home. What a good friend, always thinking of my safety. Maybe I’ll tell his age!

I talked to Deanna Branham of Tennessee, and they are all okay.

May God Bless everyone.

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