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Did you know?

Did you know that today’s post office uses the latest technology to serve your mailing needs?

The Postal Service:

• Is a world leader in developing and using optical character recognition technology. Today, machines “read” more than 91 percent of handwritten addresses on envelopes.

• Operates 36,000 alternative fuel vehicles – the world’s largest environmentally friendly fleet.

• Has one of the more popular websites on the Internet. Nearly 860,000 visitors go to www.usps.com each day to buy stamps, look up ZIP Code, track their packages and learn how to use the mail to make money.

• Is using Intelligent Mail barcodes to revolutionize the mail. Like tiny GPS systems, these new barcodes uniquely identify each piece of mail and can be used to track its location within the postal network.

All of us here at the post office appreciate your business and your trust. We look forward to serving your mailing needs!

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