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Did you remember our veterans?

By the time this comes out in The Mountain Eagle, Veterans Day will have come and gone.

Did you take a moment to remember our veterans and the sacrifice they made, and are making? Far too many of them went off to war and came back to absolutely nothing. No family, no home, and a disgraceful society.

Many of them made the ultimate sacrifice, and for what? They went to war to protect people who are off in the head to begin with. People who do not place any value on human life.

We did not win the Vietnam War and we will not win this one either, because you can’t win a war playing cat and mouse with the enemy.

Nobody cares what I think, but just in case they do, I think there should be more of Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

Had we not done what we did, there’s not telling how long World War II would have lasted, and how many more U.S. soldiers would have perished.

We did have a good reason to get involved in World War II, but what reason do we attach to everything since then? To protect our interest in oil, maybe? Oil that just keeps right on rising in cost.

I was in a hospital and can’t remember which one because I was in four different ones in a space of 10 months. I saw a man who had no legs, only stumps, and one arm and an artificial one. He was propelling himself along the hallway using his one good arm and the artificial one. A wheelchair would no doubt have been useless to him unless it was electric. But he was getting around just the same.

The first thought that entered my mind was that he was a veteran. If so, he certainly didn’t deserve to come back to a society of drugs and a corrupted society also. A society where he would be hard pressed to fit into anywhere.

I lost a first cousin in the Vietnam War, and still can’t justify it, and I’m sure Aunt Justine, his mother, couldn’t either. He was her youngest son.

I believe the pilot of the Enola Gay is gone now, too. That was the name of the plane that carried the bombs dropped on Japan. One bomb was called Fat Boy, but I can’t recall the name of the other. Either way, they did get the job done.

What happened on 9-11- 01 was ridiculous. We had four planes hijacked, and no one did anything, except the people on the one that went down before reaching its target.

And that’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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