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Did your parents plant peas on Feb. 14?

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

On this chilly morning, grab you something hot and sit down. Let’s chat for a little while. I would share my cup of chicken broth with you, except you might not find it very appetizing.

I hope you receive lots of cards, candy, or flowers on this special day. A friend gave me a box of Esther Price candy. Actually, it was re-gifted. On my way home I decided to try a piece, and oh my goodness, I should have paid attention as it said sea salt caramel. It is horrible.

If it was April 1 I would have thought this was an April’s Fool joke. Well at least I didn’t have to waste money.

As I have written before, Valentine’s Day always brings such a good memory as Jack would always get me something for Valentine’s Day. Oh what am I saying? Jack always got me something every holiday, however Valentine’s Day seemed to be a little extra special.

I remember the first Valentine’s Day we were together. We barely had enough money for food. Jack came home with two miniature plastic flowerpots. I think they were like nine cents apiece. That was 60 years ago, and I still have the same little pots in my china cabinet.

Southern Ohio

Usually he would get me a box of heart-shaped candy. The boxes back then were beautiful. You don’t see them anymore like that.

Once again I have been seeing such beautiful pictures of snow in the mountains of eastern Kentucky that I love. At least we aren’t experiencing the weather that other states are having.

At the present time we just have a small dusting of snow. Oh but the weather sure lets you know it is winter as we are supposed to get to zero degrees by the weekend. I have a couple of doctor’s appointments this week. I have a feeling I won’t be getting out of the house.

Sunday was Old Time Fiddlers meeting. We had a smaller crowd this month due to some unforeseen happenings, however the music was really good.

I was feeling rather bad, so thanks to my son Keith Ballard for helping me get my supplies to the car, then walking across the VFW parking lot to help me unload.

A member brought a bowl of fried cabbage to share. I have been able to attend events where food is galore, but there was something about this bowl of fried cabbage. I wanted a bite so much. I knew just one bite would hurt me so bad.

I made another pot of soup beans with cornbread which is always a hit. Thanks to Keith informing me some time ago, that you could cook pinto beans in a crockpot.

Next month I plan to make goulash for our monthly meeting. Other members bring food to share also.

I will be so glad when spring gets here and we can have our meetings outside. Actually I will be glad when it is summer again and it is 90 degrees.

The first sign of warm weather my wheelbarrow will be filled with potting soil and lettuce seed will be sown. I may not be able to enjoy eating it, but I will enjoy watching it grow.

How many remember your parents or grandparents planting peas and sowing a lettuce bed on Feb. 14? Potatoes would be in the garden by the middle of March. I can remember Mommy digging in ground that was still frozen to get her lettuce bed ready.

Mommy sure knew about organic gardening as she would use chicken manure in the dirt. I can remember passing people’s gardens in the spring and smelling an awful odor. Later I found out it was cow manure used for fertilizer. Again, organic gardening.

Mommy would be working in her garden as quick as she got breakfast fixed and the dishes washed, and beds made. Out in the garden she would go, and be out there until it was so hot she couldn’t stand the heat then come in the house and finish working as if there were no tomorrow.

I never remember Mommy ever pouring a cup of coffee and leisurely sitting down to enjoy it during the day. In fact I never remember Mommy sitting down during the daytime, except on occasion Magnolia Whitaker, who lived on Mill Branch, would stop at Mommy’s for a short rest as Magnolia would walk to the store in Roxana. Magnolia was the only person that would ever visit Mommy.

The only time I ever remember Mommy visiting anyone. she took us kids and walked to the mouth of Mill Branch to visit Delores Fields, as Daddy ad Mommy knew Oak and Delores.

People from the mountains knew how to survive, through learning of hard work, and the art of improvising. To make do with what you had.

If I hear or read one more thing about food stamps I may just lose this Kentucky temper. I know there are several that abuse the food stamp program, but I do know that the older ones that get around a thousand dollars in Social Security are only eligible for a measly $15 a month.

I am thankful a way was made for me that I haven’t had to ask for help. I have killed myself working to keep from asking anyone, be it public assistance or family.

Believe me I am paying for it now, as I need two shoulder replacements which, I am not having done. Why have my shoulders replaced when I can hear and feel my hip bones groaning?

Let’s face it. I am very lucky that I am just now having problems with my bones. I was told two years ago I have osteoporosis, so I will just deal with it like everything else.

At least God gave me the strength and determination to work, now I can stay home and complain. Let’s say I will stay home until, “and if ” ever this coronavirus lets up so Carcassonne and Campbell’s Branch Community Centers are open, and I will be on the road again.

I have so many reasons to cry, but I have many more reasons to laugh, as there are so many that are still worse off with health issues than me.

Hello, Mike and Marcia Caudill, I hope to see you before too long.

Les and Pat Wagner, maybe the last of February we will be up to going to seeing Tony Hale and Blackwater at Haddix Hall.

Johnny and Ann Calihan are still hanging in there, so please remember the Calihan family in your prayers

Hayward Day, I haven’t been in touch with you so I hope you and Kim are doing alright.

Well I am getting very tired, so until next time.

Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, OH 45030 email: Bluegrassmama4@aol.com.

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