Whitesburg KY

Dim view of child killers

In February 2002, a man and his little boy lived in a trailer across the river from the Super 8 motel. On February 17, a visitor came to their home.

The man (Tim Cook) and his little boy (T.J.) didn’t pay very much attention to the visitor because he had been there before and they trusted him. But within a short time, the man lay dead on the floor in front of the couch with a bullet in his head, fired from pointblank range.

The little boy entered the room to see what the noise was he had heard. The murderer shot him too, but it didn’t kill him instantly as it had his father. The little boy lay on the floor crying as the assassin dragged him into a bedroom and put the gun against his chest and shot him again.

The murdered then hunted all the money he could find and left to be picked up by his wife, who had dropped him off nearby. He threw the weapon off the bridge into the creek below as he walked across it. He was sure Tim and T.J. were both dead, but he wanted to be absolutely certain so he rented a room at the Super 8 motel which faced the river and waited for his victims to be found.

The coroner arrived, too, and when the bodies were carried out he knew he was home free. At least that was what he thought.

He and his wife settled down to smoke some joints, but their freedom was short lived. When his wife filed for divorce, he knew he had a problem because then she could testify against him in court. To avoid the death penalty, he pled guilty and got life with no chance of parole.

Now he wants his life sentence thrown out because Judge Sam Wright gave his opinion of him when he sentenced him. I suppose Judge Wright was supposed to apologize to him because he had to sentence him.

What Judge Wright said to that murderer, Jerome Boggs, was mild compared to what he could have said and was not prejudicial in the least. And I can only imagine what the coroner thought as he wiped the tears from the lifeless eyes of that little boy.

There are hardened criminals inside those prison walls and even they take a dim view of child killers. Jeffrey Dahmer was a serial killer but not of children and he didn’t last very long behind prison walls. Imagine how long a child killer would last if not in solitary confinement. Not very long.

And that’s all from the funny farm till next time.

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