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Dinner show benefits Blackey festival

The Blackey Improvement Committee started in March talking about what we could do for a fundraiser for our Blackey Day festival.

Someone suggested a dinner show and at the time some of us knew very little about a dinner show. But a committee was formed and Richard Smith agreed to write the script, and a few very talented committee members and some noncommittee volunteers had their play practice.

The players have done an outstanding job with this program. It’s about the 1950s in and around Blackey and called “The Way We Were.”

It is funny, serious, and the music is the very best. The first show was on June 6, the second show was June 26, and both shows were sold out within days with a waiting list.

Stuart Robinson alumni scheduled the Blackey Players Dancers and the Playin’ Possum Band for their entertainment, on Saturday, Aug. 6, at 6:30 p.m., at the Calvary Campus (SRS Campus).

It is unbelievable that this program has been so successful, but with the interest and support of the community, it has been wonderful.


The Blackey Improvement Committee wants to thank everyone who came to see the show and supported the Blackey Day Festival.

We look forward to seeing the Stuart Robinson School Alumni Show and we thank them for having it and supporting the Blackey Day Festival.

Blackey Day Festival will be on Friday afternoon and all day Saturday, Oct. 7 and 8, so make plans to come.

Special thanks to Grace Raglin, Richard Smith, John Back, Brian Campbell, Denise Bates, Tee Campbell, Darlene Campbell, Malcolm Wilson, Jennifer Wilson, Angie Miles, Libby Smith, Randy Campbell, all the Blackey Improvement Committee members, and all the people who supported us.

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