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Disabled American Veterans

I have been a lifetime member of the DAV for over 20 years. At my first couple of meetings I felt humble and a little embarrassed being among all those veterans. Many were in World War II.

The meetings were on Saturday evenings after my Senior Softball games. The vets were told I was coming to my first meeting.

They were waiting at the entrance for me. I was in my softball uniform, and they thought it was great that I was still playing at my age. I never had so many hugs in my life.

Some of the vets started coming to our ball games. I played until I was 86 years old and my kids asked me to retire.

I had my 88th birthday party the 24th of November, this year.

I have been in war zones before and after wars, but have never been in war during my 27 years of military service. I’ve had five tours overseas.

I believe that the Veterans Administration Health Care System is the best in the world. I believe if a veteran becomes disabled while in the military, they should be entitled to the privileges of the commissary and post exchange.

Contributing writer Everett Vanover lives in Fairfield, Calif.

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