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Disagreed with ruling

In my last article, I let it be known that I disagreed with the ruling of the Commonwealth as to the cause of my son Steven’s death. But I didn’t say what that ruling was purposely. I didn’t want to hang dirty laundry out for everyone to see. But since we are evidently not even on the same page, I see no reason not to do it now.

The Commonwealth ruled that my son died as the result of a heart attack.

I am still preaching the same thing I have been preaching for a long time. My son’s death was caused due to pre-meditated murder, which was carefully planned and executed. No toxicology was done on my son, although it should have been, due to the circumstances of his death.

I am no closer to getting his remains exhumed and examined than when I started.

During the investigation by the Commonwealth, incidents of tampering surfaced, and were completely ignored and swept under the carpet as if of no importance to the case. Tampering is very serious, as it has altered the outcome of many trails and/or lawsuits.

Once evidence is tampered with, it is no longer an authentic crime scene and becomes a staged scene instead, and cannot result in a proper verdict in said case.

My son was not perfect, nobody is, but he didn’t serve to die like a stray dog, and that is how he died.

He died trusting someone who was not his friend, as he thought. Someone with no conscience, no morals, and with a heart of stone.

Steven would share whatever he possessed, and I am proud to say he was my son, who never met a stranger. No doubt he will soon be forgotten by some whom he thought were his friends.

One of our neighbors will not forget him. That neighbor had bypass surgery in Lexington and was stranded with no way home.

As soon as Steven heard about it, he took off for Lexington to get that friend. He had an old Ford diesel truck that didn’t look like it would make it to Lexington, much less there and back, and the roads were slick and dangerous. But that didn’t deter Steven. With the help of the Lord, he made it there and back and brought his friend safely home.

That friend will remember Steven for his compassion in his time of need.

When I refer to the Commonwealth, I am not referring to one individual, because we all know, or should know, that it is made up of more than one individual.

Each one has to make difficult decisions at time, but as citizens of the Commonwealth, we do have the right to question any decision handed down, and that my friends, is exactly what I am doing.

Contributing writer Relon Hampton lives at Premium.

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