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Distance should be physical, not social


Some food for thought: All this talk of social distancing is frighteningly reminiscent of the Jim Crow South and apartheid in South Africa. Along with the social distancing is a tendency to ignore the plight of your fellow man. I think rather than social distancing we should be using physical distancing. I might have to stay six feet away for our health’s sake but that should not prevent me from connecting with you and being concerned about your wellbeing. Relationships are all important to making a better world for our children. We cannot live in an elitist bubble. If we are not connected we are more vulnerable to predators. Florence Reese penned the song ”Which Side Are You On” during the bloody coal strikes of eastern Kentucky decades ago. A line from her song reverberates now during this pandemic “Don’t listen to the bosses, don’t listen to their lies. Poor people do not stand a chance unless they organize.” Social distancing is division.

Physical distance is common sense during this time but people are lonely and starved for interaction. Take time to reach out and connect with folks. You can nurture relationships by phone, by text, on Messenger, or six feet apart on the street. You could also pull in the driveway and speak to your friends and neighbors from your car as they stand on the porch or in their doorway. Hugs can wait till a better time but meanwhile nurture your connections in meaningful ways. Let folks know you care and help out if needed during this time of physical separation.

The Centers for Disease Control has measures posted on its website and as long as we observe that advice we may come out on the other side of this pandemic much stronger and for sure we will be much wiser than before.

Black Sheep Bakery will be delivering for an added mileage charge during our regular hours. You may also call in orders and we will bring them out to your car. You can pay by card at the time you place the order and the order will be handed off to you with minimal contact. We are open Thursday-Friday 4:30- 9 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m.-9 p.m.

All our neighbors who are sick should contact us if needing help. Families in our community with children should also contact us for details if needing help. None of us is standing alone. It’s what mountain people always do during hard times. We come to the aid of those hardest hit by sickness, want, or, death and we share even the most meager of our resources.

All activities and programs at Hemphill Community Center are cancelled until further notice. We will get back on track as soon as restrictions are lifted.

Here is hoping this thing leaves us more quickly than it came. All the best!

Take heart and happy spring!

Weekly Quote: Staying vulnerable is a risk we have to take if we want to experience connection. –Brené Brown

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