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District will have to wait on grant money

At the March meeting of the Letcher County Water and Sewer District, Alan Bowman of Bell Engineering, which works with the district in funding and engineering matters, reported that the district was not approved in this year’s round of “nexus” funding for a new source of water supply through Abandoned Mine Lands program.

Nexus refers to projects similar to ongoing work. Bowman said the district would be more likely to receive funding in the 2020 cycle when the project is closer to being ready to begin and the design is more complete. Bowman added that to keep the project moving, Bell has submitted a proposal to the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority. He said the project is in its early stages and the district has been approved for similar projects after being turned down in the early stages. The Alternative Supply Project was discussed at a U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development meeting as well, and RD has offered assistance in developing it further. A meeting has been scheduled through the Kentucky River Area Development District to discuss water issues in the ADD counties.

No decision has been reached on a final agreement on the possibility of higher water rates for water supplied from the Knott County Water District. However,

Water Manager Mark Lewis did announce that leaks in several water lines would result in a slightly higher bill for water purchased through the Knott Count County Interconnect for the month.

Board Chairman Bernard Watts announced the receipt of bids for several surplus vehicles and asked the board to accept the highest bid for each one. Lewis added that the high bids for the vehicles were about what he expected them to be and the board voted to accept them. Lewis added that the vehicles were of no use and were only fit for surplus. Keith Adams submitted the high bid of $250 for a Ford Bronco and $200 for the GMC Sonoma. Robert Back had the high bid of $515 for the Ditch Witch, and Daniel Partin had the high bid of $520 for the utility truck.

Bowman also said he had met with representatives of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development Agency about a water plant and water lines for the federal prison at Roxana. He said USDA supports the project and has offered to assist with funding “as needed.” Bowman said he is setting up a meeting with the application branch of Rural Development to start the application process.

Bowman told the board that the designs for the water treatment plant, water lines, and wastewater treatment plant are ongoing, and said USDA RD also supports the creation of the wastewater treatment plant. He said he and district representatives will meet with representatives of USDA to visit an “Aqua Systems” facility similar to the one the water treatment plant will be based on.

The study for water line extensions for the Gordon/ Highway 510 are complete and have been forwarded to the Department of Abandoned Mine Lands, along with an Opinion of Probable Cost. A request is being put together for the complete purchase of material from the Black Mountain Utility District. Studies and Opinions of Probable Cost have also been submitted for the Kingscreek and Millstone line extension projects. A revised probable cost report for the Carbon Glow Road Water Replacement Project was forwarded to Howard Engineering and the Kentucky Department of Environmental Protection. An updated Opinion of Probable Cost for Phase III of the Red Start/Turkey Creek Project has also been submitted to AML and Bell Engineering is preparing final plans and documents for the Red Star/Turkey Creek Project. The permit is being reviewed and updated.

Bowman reported that pressure recorders have been picked up from locations on lines along Kentucky 15, and will be downloaded. The recorders will be re-installed at a different location after they are downloaded to determine the location of leaks.

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