Whitesburg KY

Dixon Cemetery needs donations


Virgil Combs of Carcassonne, got to come home last week from Whitesburg Hospital. He is doing some better but really has a hard time. I wish him the best.

Doyle Dean Johnson of Jeremiah, is in Letcher Manor Nursing Home. He has been there for about a month now, and I miss seeing him sitting on his porch when the weather is warm.

Berma Matthews of Letcher, had to have surgery on the leg she broke recently and she said she will down for about four weeks. She said would be hard because she is used to being on the go. I hope she has a speedy recovery.

Donations are badly needed for the Dixon Cemetery up on Elk Creek. You can send them to Arte Shepherd at: 11298 HWY 7 South, Blackey, KY 41804.

My sympathy to the family of Donna Thomas of Isom, who died April 24. She was the wife of Bobby Thomas and was 52 years old.

There will be a big yard sale at the Frog Pond on HWY 7 at Blackey on May 1, 2, and 3, with a lot of name brand clothes, household items, etc. It will be from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.

My sympathy to the family of Billy Dean Brashears of Alexandria, formerly of Blackey, who died April 25. Billy Dean had cancer and had been sick for awhile. He was 76.

There will be a community yard sale held at Burton Hill below Letcher school on HWY 7 on Saturday, May 5 starting at 8 a.m.

Lauren Adams fell at school last week and broke her arm. She will have to wear a cast for about six weeks. She is a daughter of Leslie Gibson Hammond of Perry County and Dustin Adams of Jeremiah.

My sister, Debbie Fugate of Carcassonne, has been having a lot of pain since her outpatient surgery. She has had to go to the ER twice, and then to the hospital in Hazard on Saturday. She had to have another surgery and spend a night, which she sure didn’t want to do. I hope she feels better soon.

Happy birthday to her husband Gary ‘Duke’ Fugate May 9. He has gotten so old I can’t remember which one it is. (Just kidding, Duke).

Shirley Gilley of Doty Creek, is in Whitesburg Hospital having heart problems, and her son Zolie is back in Hazard ARH. I wish them both the best.

Happy birthday to Jeanette Johnson of Delaware, formerly of Jeremiah, on May 2; Brian Roark of Carcassonne, May 3; Wade Slone of Jeremiah on May 7; Ben Caudill of Letcher, May 8; and Barry Amburgey of Isom on May 8.

Carolyn Lusk Mondry of Louisiana had back surgery recently, and is now home recovering. She said she couldn’t do anything but walk until June. She had to spend about a week in the hospital. She is a daughter of Martha Burns of Blackey.

May 4 and 5, starting at the Isom IGA and running down HWY 7 through to Perry County, will be a community yard sale. Everyone please join in and make this a big event.

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