Whitesburg KY

Dixons celebrate 62nd wedding anniversary

On May 12, Pascal and Louise Dixon of Elk Creek, celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary with their family and friends. They have six children, 12 grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren.

Congratulations to Mckenzie Miller and Beck Kincaid of Blackey. They were married May 12 at the Calvary College campus. Mckenzie is the son of Billie Miller, and Beck is the daughter of Phillip and Carrie Lee Kincaid. They went to Myrtle Beach for a week for their honeymoon.

One of Billie’s other sons, Jai, and his wife, Michelle, are graduating on the same day from Morehead State University. They live there now but have moved a trailer in below Billie’s at Blackey. Michelle is the daughter of Fred and Nora Dixon.

My cousin, Eric Back, has an appointment to go see a doctor in Lexington May 30. They are going to check his legs again and see if he can be fitted with prosthetics. He has been sick with an infection but is feeling better now. My sister, Debbie, and her daughter, Shanna, and her kids, Emmy and Gavin, and I went to visit him one day last week at the nursing home and stopped by to check on Irene Brown. She was doing well.

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