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‘Do The Freddie’ was by whom?



1. Which British singer released “Anyone Who Had A Heart,” “You’re My World” and “Alfie” in the mid-1960s?

2. Which band is best known for “I Wanna Rock” and “We’re Not Gonna Take It”?

3. Who was responsible for “Disco Duck”?

4. Which group wrote and released “Do the Freddie,” and when?

5. Name the singer-songwriter behind “All By Myself” and “Hungry Eyes.”

6. Bob Dylan, Billy Joel, Diana Ross and Kim Carnes all came together with dozens of others for one charity effort in 1985. What was it?


1. Cilla Black (born Priscilla White). Black was a favorite of Brian Epstein, the Beatles manager, and covered a number of their early songs.

2. Twisted Sister, in 1984. The group was originally called Silver Star.

3. “Disco Duck” was satire, written in 1976 by a Memphis DJ as a takeoff on a 1960 song called “The Duck.”

4. Freddie and the Dreamers, 1965. Their album of the same name included a chart with diagrams to dance the Freddie.

5. Eric Carmen, in 1975 and 1987. Carmen’s big successes came when he went solo after leaving the Raspberries. “Hungry Eyes” was featured in the film “Dirty Dancing.”

6. USA for Africa, in 1985. They all recorded “We Are the World.”

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