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Dock Adams doing well after eye surgery


Our community was saddened to hear that “Trish” Slone had died so suddenly from heart problems. The funeral home was overflowing with her family and others who came to pay their respects. She was laid to rest on the hill not far from her home and our sympathy goes out to her large family.

Dock Adams had cataract surgery last week and I’ve seen him out and about, so hopefully it went well.

Mary Jane Back and her daughter Becky were baptized at Blair Branch Church on Sunday. Many family and friends came out to watch the baptism and we were all happy for them. They took their membership to the Tolson Creek Church.

Ty Watts and Gary Cornett were baptized at the Campbell’s Branch School. I think their membership is at the Cedar Grove Regular Baptist Church.

Dad, Don Pridemore’s, first cousin Patricia Thrash of Houston, Tex., died April 6 after being ill for a few years.

Her family kept her at home to take care of her before she died and we applaud them for that. She was kin to many here in Letcher and also Knott County and involved in organizations in both counties.

Beth and Joshua Banks of Ohio came in last Friday to visit their grandmother Opal Banks and other kinfolk here.

I was happy to run into Esther Corrello while shopping at Walmart, and glad to talk with her. She spends a lot of her time in Lexington but is back home in Whitesburg now.

Chester and Odella Blair have been home at Jeremiah for awhile and also Vince and Juanita McCarey have been at their Jeremiah home.

Vince and Juanita came up from Somerset to attend Trish Slone’s funeral.

Our sympathy is also sent to the Joyce Cornett Watts family. She died last week.

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