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Dog’s death makes week sad

Big Cowan

Another sad week for me, folks. My little dog, Schae- Bug, was killed by a big truck in front of my house March 9.

I have cried my eyes out; she was just like a baby to me. I still have my other little dog, Deago, to comfort me.

Some more of the relatives who came to Heather Griffie’s funeral or visitation were Pam Fields Creech of Greensburg, Ind., the daughter of Archie and Margaret Pack Fields of Cowan; Lucille Collins Fields of Greensburg, it was good to see her; Rick and Stacie Dobson and great-niece Annalene of Columbus, Ind., Rick is the son of Audrey Maggard Hammonds and Charles Hammonds of North Vernon, Ind. and the late Gene Ray ‘Roy’ Dobson of Columbus, Ind. It was also good to see them.

I wanted to say hello to Arthur Pendleton of Columbus, Ind. I hope he is well.

Gillis Dollarhide is out of the hospital, but still needs our prayers. Thomas Wolfe is back in the hospital in Hazard. Keep him in your prayers. He is my nephew and I love him very much.

Keep Irene, Eugene, Francis, Jenny Day, Paige Brown, Emma George and Chris Adams and all the Campbell family in your prayers for comfort.

Thanks to the Faith Community Church for the support and comfort from their congregation, and for the wonderful dinner and snacks they provided, and to the Tools of the Carpenter group and Randy Banks, who also sang.

All of their music was appropriate for the funeral. Thanks to the minister who filled in for Dock Frazier (keep him in your prayers), and thanks to all the family, friends, neighbors, coworkers and everyone else who attended.

It really shows how much love and support you show to a family in mourning.

I ran into several people I haven’t seen in years, and was glad to see them. I’m just sorry for the occasion that brought us together.

Georgette Day Simms, I’m so sorry that I missed your call, but I received your message. I hope all of your family is okay. Georgette is the daughter of the late Rachel and France Day, and I always enjoy hearing from her.

Also pray for Anna Lou Maggard Combs. She is really in bad health.

My other two granddaughters, Rebecca and Michaela Fields, are here this week on spring break. I hope it isn’t too cold for them.

Well, all have a good week and attend the church of your choice. Be good to one another, and enjoy spring.

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